Yet another MNF Breakdown! With jokes!

Well, a long night on the East coast was certainly made longer by the sloppy play of the home team. But it's not all doom, and there are a few good takeaways from this game.

The Good:

1. Eric Decker made some great catches and made a great special teams play. Definitely the best Donkey out there last night on the offensive side of the ball. Loved the over the shoulder sideline catch in crunch time.

2. Von Miller's first NFL Tackle causes a fumble. I like it!

3. Brian Dawkins made some big hits and was setting the tone for the Defense overall.

4. Pass Defense- a lot of good one on one coverage from the secondary both times the Raiders decided to change things up.

5. At least we showed a little spirit and passion last night, though it hurt us when it was undisciplined.

The Bad:

1. Overall, the rookies we are playing made several mistakes, specifically overrunning plays or blowing coverages. Orlando Franklin got taken to school. This is expected though.

2. We got demolished in the trenches. No OL push up the middle, Zane Beadles and JD Walton need to improve. D Line wore down and allowed the game to end with several runs right up the middle. McBean and Unrein pushed off the ball and missing tackles. Not sure why Hue Jackson covers his face with the playbook when talking to QB Campbell. Pretty sure he was saying "run left, run right, run middle"......

3. Dropped passes. may be attributable to the rain, but if you make 200k an hour you can afford some nicer gloves.

4. A blocked punt. really? Nice work Bruton. pretty sure that was your guy. Maybe we need to get Champ bailey in for punt protection too.

The Ugly

1. Ball Security. unforgivable. Bad pick at the end of the first half. Bad "Fumble" by Orton in the fourth. Several fumbles by ball carriers. Additionally, I think if not for the conditions Orton has at least 2 more picks. At least Orton and i are on the same page: we both feel sick about him dropping the ball (pun intended) on what was looking to be a big play.

2. Discipline. If i want to watch fights I'll tune in to UFC. they do it better. With kicks. All the holding wasn't helping, we were just getting dragged back to the quarterback by the Raider D line.

3. The injury bug. Pick your favorite Bronco and he probably got hurt. s**t.

The QB Debate!

Orton: Orton was..Orton! Big mistakes with the game on the line? Check! 50-60% completion rate? check! I will hand him some credit for capitalizing on the raiders self destruction for a field goal and a solid drive in the 4th quarter.

Tebow: phenomenal clipboard work and his warm up stretches were definitley more intense than i anticipated. he also managed to make that ugly as sin new Bronco hat look good. Managed a disciplined, stoic expression as the crowd chanted his surname in the 4th quarter.

Quinn: Disciplined application of eye black. Certainly competitive with Tom Brady for silkiest hair.

All in all, i call this one a wash.

One serious point: I do think Orton is a better QB than we give him credit for, but he is uniquely unsuited to our current offense. the lack of running ability and the ability of good Defensive linemen to get pressure right up the middle are a worst case scenario for an immobile quarterback. Orton will continue to take hits and force the ball as long as he is jogging for his life. In short, Orton's weaknesses and the O Line's weaknesses create a synergistic tornado of suck.

Final Comment

Last season i flew in from Fort Benning, picked up my family and rocked some 40 yard line field level tickets to watch my boys crush the Faders at home. bad decision. I was the guy asking Prater to play quarterback in the 4th quarter. he heard me and laughed. Probably because we were the only fans left in the stadium. That being said...

At least it wasn't 59-14.

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