Collective Assesment: The day after

Okay guys I want to get our members opinions about the game last night. I'm looking for specific details, nothing to general "we sucked" doesn't help. I want to see what everyone agrees is the problem, and where we have disagreements as well. Leave your opinions in the comments and I will begin mine here.

The first thing I want to say about this game is it was very sloppy on both sides however one point I want to make is that penalties kept us in the game. We did not deserve to have the score so close, it should have been much worse and I think those who watched the game would agree. 

I also want to give credit to where it is due, Hue Jackson is the reason the Raiders were 8-8 last season. He was a brilliant offensive coordinator and it was not a coincidence that the Raiders could suddenly get touchdowns. I can remember a time not long ago, where Janikowski was always getting the points. Give him credit. Also give the Raiders D-line credit, one of the best in the league and has depth as well.


As for the Broncos

O-line:Our Offensive line was not prepared at all. I made a post about this in the summer and many of you shrugged it off. I was very concerned with their lack of athleticism and power after the game. Beadles, Walton, and Kuper struggled. Kuper's play was the one that surprised me. Clady played fine he looked good for most of the game don't let people tell you otherwise. Franklin also did better than I expected. You would think a rookie would struggle with that D-line but he wasn't beat to often and that penalty on the screen was a garbage call. Our interior O-line is weak and lacks athleticism. However I will say they put it together in pass protection after half time. Whether it was coaching or what, they looked good in the second half, and specifically Beadles.

Kyle Orton: He does not make the players around him better. What bother me most about KO is this habit he has of just throwing the ball in the dirt. I counted 5 throws sometime between the 2nd and 3rd quarters that were to the dirt. Sometimes he points at himself and is like "my bad whatever" but most the time he is all nonchalant about it like its part of the game. Yeah sometimes the ball gets away from shouldn't happen with the frequency that it does though. And these are not throws because of blitz, he has plenty of time on these throws...

I liked Mike McCoy's play calls we just don't execute well. People are open though. Running the ball is a problem which I believe lies in the heart of our O-line. Specifically in the hands of Beadles and Walton.

RB's: Moreno is a 3rd down back. McGahee did what he could.

WR's: Decker is a tremendous athlete. So much speed and quickness for his size, he is a mismatch. Eddie Royal needs to get more involved or we should find somebody else. He has excellent tools but either nobody uses him or he is getting covered. This has been a quiet concern but we desperately need his explosive ability.


Our corners played excellent. Vaughn, Bailey, Goodman all played great. Goodman missed a tackle but had great coverage throughout the game. One play doesn't define him, overall he did well . Rahim Moore has great closing speed I liked seeing him out there. Dawkins is excellent in run support.

LB's were a mixed bag. Mays played well early but in the 2nd half he was invisible. Woodyard played well later but he was mixed, I liked his hustle though. Miller was great.

Our defense as a whole played well. We were hurt by the draw early but we cleaned that up. What really got us was the Raiders speed. They would run wide and our defense would flow to that side then their O-line would seal the edge and our blockers to the inside (who are trying to stay at home) would either be blocked or Dmac would just make too strong of a cut for them to tackle. Basically they would run outside and DMac would just cut down the middle. It reminded me of our running back in the day. Anyways, we still got penetration and tackled them for losses before he could find the crease, but at least 60% of the time that wasn't the case.

Dennis Allen called some nice blitzes last night.

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