Kyle Has ONE More Chance

First of all let me preface this by saying this IS a KYLE ORTON SUCKS rant. So there will be misspellings and typical stuff you would find in a rant.

I have hated Kyle Orton since the moment we traded Cutler for him. At that point in time, I wanted McD fired on the spot, I hoped we would go in a different direction and draft someone or trade for someone else. We didn't, but I am a Broncos fan and whatever team is out on the field needed my support, so when the season started with Orton at QB I was willing to give him a chance. Week 5 in 2009 was amazing by the way (especially going to school in Boston). But this being his 3rd season, and after watching McD's head coaching career, that game should be considered an outlier and should not really factor into any future decision making regarding Kyle Orton as the starter. 6-0 and we finish 8-8, is it his fault entirely. No of course not, very rarely can 1 QB take over a game with out a little help from his friends. But he is the leader of the team. This is about to be painful, but if he had won the game against the raiders at home that year... we make the playoffs, Instead he got outplayed by JaMarcuss freaking Russell. The next week against Philly he has a chance to redeem himself again, we need him on a final drive to take the lead, basically falls on his face. With yet another chance to redeem himself against KC, he, the leader, leads the team to lay an egg and finish 2-8 after starting 6-0.

Oh and one more thing QB's are usually, "under rated" or, "don't get enough respect" for a reason. Generally its cause they aren't very good. Jay Fiedler ring any bells or how 'bout "Train" Rex Grossman, Trent Dilfer, Vinny Testeverde. And the list goes on and on and on.

Okay right so basically the entire team choked down the stretch in 2009 so obviously we get a new QB, not so obviously we decide to take Tim Tebow in the first round. WHICH I DO NOT HAVE A PROBLEM WITH. I think looking back in 10 years people will have wished they did take him in the first round. HOWEVER, what we gave up for that damn pick was freaking ridiculous, way to much wheeling and dealing on McD's part. But now I'm getting off topic.

Back to Orton, I figured that Orton would start the season, this year, not that I wanted him too, but for the most part I am a pretty realistic fan. He had a decent year the year before, and Tebow a guy with incredible raw but unharnessed talent. There is no question in my mind that Tim Tebow was more talented at Football than Kyle Orton was last year, but this was a similar situation to when Timmy went to Florida his first year, Incredible talent, but didn't truly know how to play the position YET. But last year showed us that Tim has a once in a lifetime talent, to lead, and be a playmaker. Kyle Orton just doesn't have it in him to put up 24 unanswered points in a 2nd half comeback against anyone, he's never gonna do it. It's never gonna happen. Tim Tebow has a will that is unmatched by anyone. That Texans game DOES NOT happen without Tim Tebow at QB. Same in the Chargers game, and if he had completed one of those Hail Mary's against SD he WOULD DEFINITELY be the starter right now. But he didn't and he is not. sorry got off topic again ugh....

So right Orton last year, sure he was on pace to break records throwing the football, but that has mostly to do with the fact that he played in what I like to call a Madden Offense. They would kind of establish a running game a little bit and then the second half would start and McD seeeminly left the running plays from the playbook in the locker room. Don't give me the, "it's tough to establish a running game when ur RB's are hurt", ya maybe a little. But when Cutler put up 4 grand the year before he had a bunch of (at the time) no namers rackin up 100 yard games, Hillis and Bell, are the only I can think of off the top of my head, but I know that there were others. Sure Knowshon is injury prone and needs to learn to stay healthy, but it can be done without a star running back. But I feel this is more McD phillosiphy than anything else. Great example is 2007 Patriots sure Brady threw 50 TD passes but there was no running game to respect which is why they lost in the super bowl. So Kyle Orton ran a madden offense last year, and by that I mean, you could put anyone in there and they would have thrown for 4,000 yards, it may take a while but they WILL do it. Okay so now I will break down the 4 categories of games Orton had last year. real good, 4th qtr (final drive) choke, red zone choke, and real bad. some of these will overlap.

Real Good: KC at home, Seattle at home, Tennessee on the road: so basically his 3 wins from last year

Red Zone chokefest: Jacksonville road, Indianapolis home, these two really stuck out

4th qtr chokefest: Jax int, Jets fumble, 49ers fumble/pick (twice in the same fricken game TOO), STL got sacked on first down no TO's under 2 min couldn't convert 4th down, KC road couldn't convert 4th down: Ya these were REAL rough to even remember/relive. more than anything the lack of awareness in the STL game REALLY REALLY pissed me off I mean at least if he threw a pick, he was like you know throwing the football. The one thing that really pisses me off is lack of awareness by the QB and getting sacked under 2 minutes down by 3 with no timeouts is absolutely unacceptable, hell, take the intentional grounding penalty at least the clock wont be running.

Real Bad: OAK home (59-14), San Diego road (35-14), KC road (10-6), AZ road (43-13): 3 times against divisional opponents and O ya, the last one he let us get outscored by a KICKER!!!!

Okay so Tebow takes over and I really don't like to count the first game in Oakland cause even though they started him Studs did not UNLEASH THE TEBOW. I mean he only threw 16 passes, u cant win in this league like that. So look at those last two games and I think those are a better indicator of what Tim brings to the table. Did he throw some stupid passes? Yup, but remember he is a rookie. Did he nearly comeback against 2, 14+point deficets? Yes he did. Could Orton ever have done that? No probably not. HOWEVA, They would not have been down as many points if Orton was the QB. All I know is that when Tebow plays he has an aura about him, something immesurable that u can sense but can't really see. He has the ability to create the Mile High Magic. Orton well, he doesn't. Now having said that about Tebow that doesn't make him great, but I think he will be there sooner rather than later.

Now Broncos fans ask yourselves this question. Would you rather have Orton starting or No one starting cause of a lockout. Ya that's what I thought, having football back is great even if we suck. I said this back in February, that if trades can't happen until after the draft, Orton will start at least until week 6 or inury. Now since our bye week is convenietly week 6 we may only have to suffer through 4 more Orton starts, before he gets cut/traded. Yup I said it... CUT! If they bench Orton for Quinn or Tebow, they will just cut him, having Orton on the bench moping will just be a cancer to an already not so good team. So basically Andrew Luck, but ask yourselves this, would bringing Andrew Luck into a mangled team/locker room, be any better than Tebow or Quinn. Honestly I say no. Now if Orton does get cut/traded and Tebow and Quinn both absolutley suck, then the whole locker room would want Luck, and there wouldn't be a war over QB's, like there would be if Orton was still here.

There is no easy way to put this but Kyle Orton last night, did, exactly what I expected him to do. Which is choke, people booed, and clammored for Tebow, and if I were there last night I would have as well. 4 chances inside the opponents 25 yard line... one touchdown, two stalled drives that ended with field goals, and... well... yeah... that play. (sidenote: That loss had NOTHING TO DO WITH BAD COACHING. Those players were put in position to win 90% of the time last night, it was up to them to execute and they didn't). Oh ya and in the 2nd qtr after 2min warning 1:30 on the clock no timeouts, first down. HE TAKES A  F@#%ING SACK. I HATE WHEN QB'S do that!!!!!!!!!!!!. And that pick was a pathetic excuse for a read.

Having said all of this. Orton gets ONE and I mean ONE final chance next week against Cincy, well not from me the coaching staff. I hate him, he ran out of chances after the Oakland game last year for me. But if he can't play well against the Bengals, then something has to happen at the QB position. Now this something may not come until week 7 (week 6 is our bye week) after they attempt to trade/cut Orton. But if he stinks next week he is done. If he plays well, then he still has another 3 weeks to continue to prove his worth. The last thing EFX needs/wants is to be 0-2 especially with those losses being to the Raiders and Bengals. IMO Fox would be forced to do something if Orton is awful next week.

I'll leave you with these sad and depressing Kyle Orton stats.

Orton's numbers over last 3 games: 52-114 1 TD 5 turnovers (4ints 1 fumble)

Overall Broncos Record: 11-19

Last 24 (since a 6-0 start): 5-19

Last 14 (2010+ last night): 3-11

JaMarcuss Russel career: 7-18

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