Tebow makes the Broncos better than Orton RIGHT NOW!



I am not writing this to change anybody's opinions.I am writing this as a lifelong Broncos fan that grew up watching the Mag 7 pull game's out of his ass on a regular basis and I am pissed that our team has not came through in the late stages of games since the beginning of McD's reign of terror. Last night's performance by Kyle Orton didn't change anyone's opinions around here, so why would an article?  The games lost over the past few years hasn't changed anybody's opinion of him either...Jacksonville, San Francisco, Oakland last 3 years, at KC last year, Arizona, the list goes on and on and yet there is always other factors to blame. Of course there are, there were 45-46 players on the game day roster and mistakes, penalties, dropped passes happen every week to every single team in this league. Jamarcus Russel has a better record over the past 23 starts then Kyle Orton. Let me repeat that, never mind I can't, it's too damn embarrassing. Enough with the "crying over spilt milk" and on to the reasons why Tebow gives us the best chance to win and makes our team better...

Reason #1 Time of possession- With Tebow in the game, more plays end up on the ground one way or the other and more clock is controlled allowing our defense more time off the field.

Reason #2 Running Game- If you take out Brandon Lloyd's 18 yard loss on a failed reverse during the last 3 games this past season...the Broncos averaged over 4 yards per carry in those 3 games combined and definitely ran the ball more effectively. Many factors attribute to this, mainly Tebow's running ability to produce yards as well as wear out defensive lines as the game progresses.

Reason #3 RB Screen Game- Right now there may not be a better QB in the entire league than Tebow at utilizing the screen game. He is patient and sells it very well.

Reason #4 Leadership- Yes Kyle has been voted captain but which starting QB that has more than 3 years in the league isn't voted team captain? There is no denying that there was more inspired football being played during the last 3 games last year. Maybe players played for Studesville, maybe for their jobs, maybe for Tebow. And Tebow was arguably the greatest leader in college football history. And I don't give a rat's ass that "college football isn't the NFL", players are drafted based on their production and potential to play at the next level and when a kid dominates at the college level then he deserves a chance to dominate at the next level.

Reason #5- Play making Ability- It is no secret around the league that the Broncos offensive line is not in the top half as a unit in either pass or run protection and they might very well be in the bottom 10 in both categories. Give Orton a Pro-Bowl caliber line and all day to throw the ball and he will pick you apart...just like 80-90% of QBs in this league. Problem is opponents know Orton cannot create on his own consistently or at all and gameplan to exploit this. Seldom do we see Orton able to overcome a holding penalty or a dropped pass, part of this is because he is not willing to take a risk to make a often between the 20s on a 3rd and long does Orton toss one up for Lloyd downfield and give him a chance to make a play over the of 4 things happen if he does...A pick almost as good as a punt, a catch by Lloyd, an interference or illegal contact call resulting in 1st down, or an incompletion...but Orton chooses to throw away or worse yet take a sack which loses yards, could result in fumble...either way there is no chance for good to come out of those type of decisions. Tebow brings a play making ability to this team that opponents will have to account for. Our red zone offense opens up with Tebow under center and allows for more creative play calling. With porous pass protection, it is imperative that we have an athlete back there that can avoid pressure, extend plays, and keep the chains moving. The Eagles offensive line is right on par with ours as far as I am concerned after watching the St Louis Rams constantly get into the backfield early on. The difference was that as the game wore on, Vick was able to wear out the Rams line, while converting back-breaking 3rd downs with his feet. Later in the game Lesean McCoy benefited from a wore out D-line and gashed them. Tebow can wear defenses down, making our odds of converting big plays late in the game much better than if we had a statue behind center all game.


Also, I think there are some myths about the negativity of starting Tebow...

Myth #1 Blindside Pass Protection- Yes Orlando Franklin looked bad last night. He is also a rookie and will improve as the season goes along. Knowshon Moreno and Willis McGahee have looked pretty good in pass protection and I see no reason McCoy cannot adjust his playcalling to compensate for this. Also Tebow should be playing from the shotgun primarily which allows him time to see blitzes coming and what not.

Myth #2 Tebow can't play from under center- In my opinion he doesn't need to, and when he does he has been adequate enough. Again back to Vick. Vick spends most of his time from Shotgun packages and does just fine. The coaches job is to coach to your player's strengths.

Myth #3 Tebow's style will get him hurt- Tebow has been playing a rough style all his life and it has gotten him to the highest level of professional football. His body is in better shape than most RBs I am pretty sure he knows how to take a hit, unlike a lot of QBs. Yes, he does need to protect his arm while running but he hasn't had much of an issue getting hurt in the past. Also, many say that the players are bigger, faster, stronger in the NFL and will hurt Tebow. Well, guess what? Tebow is probably also stronger than he was in college too and anybody can get hurt. I think a QB like Vick's size is bit more susceptible to getting hurt than someone like Tebow.


The Broncos do have a long road ahead of them to getting back to being a premiere NFL team, there is no question about that. As the Broncos head down this road they need to play the best football players on the team that give them the best possible chance to win the game. There isn't much question out there about who the starters are on defense, wide receiver, TE, and offensive line. That is because our best players at those positions are clearly on the field. At QB, our best option for this team that gives them the best chance to win games is not on the field. This isn't a one game kneejerk assessment of Kyle and the team. This opinion has been forged through watching countless situations of failure time and time again. Is Kyle a good guy? You're damn right he is, he's a great guy with great character. Josh McDaniels seemed like he had pretty good character too. Doesn't mean he is your best option to win football games. Kyle Orton is not the right fit for this football team in transition and the excuses for Tebow being on the bench are played out and it is time for him to play.

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