Told Ya It was "The Orton Thing" Now

Champ Bailey could hardly put a cohesive sentence together in the locker room...said the wrong word making a critical point which was kind of poignant:  The Broncos can't be mixing up win and loss.

Champ Bailey clearly stated that Kyle Orton was going to earn his respect this season and that started with the opener.  It was implied Orton would prove he was an underrated QB.  All Kyle Orton proved was that the Miami Dolphins dodged a bullet.  Chad Henne looked more capable in the loss to the Patriots than Orton did against the Raiders.  Orton was less capable than Jason Campbell.  Orton was less capable than David Garrard who was cut from the Jaguars for less.

For all those people defending Orton...this is just one game, it wasn't as bad as last season, the rest of the team was responsible for the loss...You are wrong.  Orton clearly is not the one.   Orton did not perform masterfully and the rest of the team flopped around him as Orton defenders keep claiming...Orton isn't the problem.  No excuses.  Orton flopped and the team played poorly with him.

It wasn't just one game like Orton and Coach Fox tried to play off as...It was a ridiculous loss.  One game after a season of mediocre losses.  It was such a poor performance for the quarterback that everybody else on the team just sucked worse in our own stadium on our own field.

The rest of the team didn't respond to Orton who looked like he needed to be revived in order to retrieve his own ball he dropped.   Orton knew he dropped the ball - he had a headstart.  Orton couldn't even move quick enough to compete for the ball.

It was definitely worse than last season.  How can you say the O-Line is healthier, we have a better defense, better run game and supposedly an even more veteran QB and lose a close game with no chance to win in the end because of poor time management isn't worse?  You can't.   At least with the blowout last year you know the other team was just better.  Monday night the Broncos could have played better and won...and that started with the Quarterback play.

It was definitely worse than last season.  The game wasn't as nearly as close as the score put it.  If Eric Decker hadn't run the ball back on that punt return it's likely that it would have been worse.  Run DMC could have kept running with over a 1 minute left but the Raiders just let time expire and took the win. 

For folks defending Orton:  The man is in his seventh year in the NFL and he gets one touchdown.  One.  If he can only throw one touchdown after six years then something is wrong.  I can mess up and throw one touchdown per game.  A seven year Veteran Starting Quarterback has to be better than one touchdown in the redzone to win games.  Orton overthrew, at the feet, behind recievers, missed open receivers and looked erratic.  If we didn't know it, someone might think it was Hoge or Boomer was describing Tebow.  Nope.  But Orton gets defended by Dilfer and others for a performance that otherwise just wouldn't cut it.

There is no doubt in my mind that if Coach Fox had put Tim Tebow in the game it would made everyone play better.  No doubt.  The offensive line would have played better.  The fans would have been on their feet and forgotten the first half and Orton fumbling and bumbling about.  Now, I'm NOT saying that's what should have happened.  I'm saying that Tebow going in would have changed the whole feel of the game.

And that's the point. 

I told you it was now "The Orton Thing."  Champ Bailey and Brandon Lloyd and other vets on the team were convinced Orton gave them the best chance to win.  Only one thing could disabuse them of that incorrect notion.  Let Orton play and prove he is a winner.  Did he?  NOPE.  And Champ Bailey looked shocked.  Orton sounded crazy talking about a bright future.  Coach Fox sounded ridiculous by mentioning his team in the half of the league that lost as if it's okay with him.  Did Coach Fox get too used to losing in Carolina?  Does he want to get used to being fired too? 

Nobody was conned regarding Tebow.  If they didn't want Tebow they wouldn't have paid him early and kept him on the team.  The Jaguars cut Garrard.   Just bye bye...we're saving 9 million dollars.   For those asserting that Tebow can't play and won't ever start because he can't play...and EFX are stating this without saying it...Don't believe the HYPE.  Orton was going to be traded.  EFX was going to start Tebow.  Then a messed up Trade led to a messed up Training Camp for Tebow.

What happened in training camp is starting to change with what happened in the Raiders game.  It is becoming increasingly clearer than ever that scripted training camp throws and 1 or 2  touchdown performances in preseason DON'T a clutch starting quarterback make in Kyle Orton. 

For those listening closely to every word uttered from the mouth of Elway regarding Tebow as a pocket passer, they should open their eyes with their ears.  Elway looked none too happy in the booth Monday night watching a seven year vet drop the ball in Mile High Stadium (literally and figuratively) in front of the entire world letting the Raiders make his Broncos look like donkeys. 

Training Camp opinions are now changing for the entire team, the coaches and the fans.  A proficient training camp thrower does not necessarily equal Gamer.  The Only people determined to defend Orton are those who incorrectly put all their eggs in Kyle Orton's basket and dissed Tim Tebow from the beginning.  Simply because they don't want to be wrong.

I'm not calling for Tebow to play right now.  Tebow deserves the investment that Cam Newton received and for the offense to fit his unique abilities .  And that will take a little time.  Maybe a few more weeks of watching Kyle be mediocre.   I'd say three strikes your out with the fans Kyle but because Fox named Orton the starter it goes to week five or six if Orton fails to turn it around.

Should Tebow go in the game for 50% of redzone instances with redzone packages to save Kyle Orton's ass?  If Coach Fox wants to do it...I won't mind because I will point it out that Tebow essentially won the game because Kyle Orton is deficient and can't do what Tom Brady can do - get the job done and win games.

How about a little luck? What if Andrew Luck gets hurt this year at Stanford.  What if Luck gets hurt his first year in the NFL?  You can't bet a season and your whole organization on one guy. 

Nobody in the next draft with the exception of the potential in Luck is better than the potential in Tim Tebow.  That's why after EFX puts the investment into Tebow as Drew Brees suggested helping him to refine his game, they will have to see what Tebow's got and give him his shot.

Despite what Bena says, EFX appears willing to do that.  If you can't get anything for a resource then you cut it.  The Broncos paid Tebow early and kept him.  Benching Tebow doesn't increase his worth on the open market.  Making him co-backup doesn't increase his worth on the open market.  

Both of those decisions had to do with the team and the locker room.  The Vets had to play with Orton to know.  The co-backup thing was giving Quinn what he earned from his solid performance in training camp. Both Orton and Quinn have blown recent performances in game situations that have changed the situation considerably.   Tebow on the other hand had a solid last performance with a perfect touchdown pass in a clutch situation and after the worse media thrashing of his skills and future success that very few players have had to overcome.  And rise to the occasion he did.

With a healthy O-Line, a better defense - Dummervil and Clady back, with Von Miller, a better running game and more WR and TE targets, a smash mouth division vendetta and homefield advantage Orton still didn't get it done as those Orton Defenders claimed would happen.  Just more of the same.  In fact - worse.  Monday Night on our field in front of the world Orton looked haggered and defeated.

So, once again.  Bring on "The Orton Thing!"  Let Kyle Orton prove he is a winner...

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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