Don’t let me tell you how to be a Bronco fan

I’m a person that has a burning desire to see the world for how it is instead of how it should be.  Maybe it makes me a pessimistic instead of an optimist.  During my many MHR battles throughout the McJedi era, I tended to call myself a realist waging a common sense battle against the fantasists.  Whatever the titles we choose to describe ourselves and others, I am certain MY ability to see others weaknesses is stronger than my ability to see their strengths.  Not surprisingly, when I look at this Bronco team, I see a lot of weaknesses and far fewer strengths.  EFX has a tough job in front of them.  Not as tough as Josh McDaniels, a guy that somehow held the job duties of E, F and X… but still.


Our most pressing weakness is the installation of a new regime and new systems coming off a lockout.  That, I promise you, is a bigger job right now than picking the starting QB.  If Tebow can’t practice effectively, how can EFX install a new offensive system when Tim touches the ball every play (practice, scrimmage, games, etc)?  And it’s a catch 22 because how can Tim improve if he isn’t getting the reps?  Do you hold the team back so Tim can get experience or do you sit Tim while playing Orton allows the coaches to install the offense?  This is a rhetorical question.  As important as the QB is, I’d still go with the latter in year one, week one of a new regime. 


Don’t confuse this as an endorsement of Ort as our QB.  The Orton apologists will say deceiving statements like “Kyle didn’t have a great game on Monday”.  In truth and fact, Orton played somewhere between bad and horrible. It was his third terrible game in row dating back to his nightmare performances vs KC and Arizona in 2010.  But again, we are installing a new offense, coaching staff, mindset and program.  There were plays on Monday where it looked like Julius Thomas had no idea what he was supposed to be doing.  The O-line made about 15 major misreads.  Franklin played like a rookie.  Kuper played like a rookie?  The new and vastly improved Moneno lost a fumble and got banged up (a record is skipping somewhere). The running game was dysfunctional.  A lot of MSM folks said to expect bad football in September and that is exactly what we saw in Oakland @ Denver.  It will require time, some therapy (MHR being mine because Gnarlybroncodude and I can call you an idiot) and patience before we fans see a consistently better Denver team.   


Do I think Orton has a future in Denver beyond 2011?  EFX tired to trade him a month ago so that pretty much says it all.  But Ort does allow Fox/McCoy to install an offense because Ort can run an effective practice.  Based on what I saw Monday, that installation is far from complete on so many levels.  I don’t see a change in QB anytime soon.  If we put in Tebow when it’s clear the O-line is out of sorts, TE’s don’t know the plays, coaching staff doesn’t know the players, our offense could turn into jungle ball.  Which, IMO, is worse in both the short and long term than the junior varsity offense we saw on Monday night. 


Things are going to be weird for a while, like Orton's mystery fumble on what should have been the game winning play.  That sucks because things have been weird in Broncoland for a few years.  The weirdness is why I put therapy before patience in my list above. 


We could continue to smoke orange crack and see a playoff contender in 2011, but once the high wears off, we are left with the junkie shakes that kept me awake on Monday night.  That I have this strong belief Elway fully intends on using a 1st round pick in 2012 on a QB does my nerves no favors.  John.. please.. focus on the glaring needs at DTs, ILB, #2 CB, one or two O-linemen and RB.  


But again, EFX needs to see Tebow actually practice well for Denver to install their game plan each week, their offense in preseason, make sure all WRs run their routes even if the WRs think Tim will take off running, etc, etc.  I’ve never seen him practice, but Kaptain keeps reporting that Timmy is running sneaks and skipping passes of the grass play after play.  I trust Kaptain and can’t fathom of how Fox could get comfortable playing QB on Sunday than can’t run the offense on Thursday in shorts and a red jersey.         


So my advice is that I don’t have advice to give.  Boo if you want, cheer if you want, cuss if you want, complain if you want, cry if you want.  Rebuilding takes a while when it starts from the foundation up, especially after a lockout.  It’s your money, time and energy.  Orton has already said Bronco fans are the last people he cares to please.  And to be fair and balanced, I know I feel no obligation to please Orton either.  It doesn’t make me a worse Bronco fan if I boo or rip him, just as it doesn’t make Orton a worse Bronco player that he doesn’t care about Bronco fans or spilt milk. 


Don’t let people tell you that you’re a worse fan because you boo Orton or want Tebow to be converted to a TE, that you think Ryan McBean should be selling hot dogs in the stands instead of getting pancaked play after play, or you want to suck for Luck (that sounds too ummmmmm, no).  


You are only a worse fan if you bail on the Broncos for another team or you like a particular player more than the Broncos franchise.  For me, being a Bronco fan is not a choice; it’s a birthright and a blessing.  I cheer for them, I boo them, I punch holes in my wall because of them and fall on my knees and weep like a baby when they won that first Super Bowl.  If you fall into this category, feel free to express your feelings about the Broncos any way you like. 

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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