Guys, it just aint fun any more.....

Hey dudes,



This will be a post of raw emotion with no punches pulled. I will probably insult some people, call people out, bag on myself and piss people off, but at this stage, I just dont give 2 shits. Because here is the problem: Football, and in particular, our Denver Broncos, are just aint fun any more.



We all work jobs, are at university, are moms, dads...have stresses.....and MHR, Football and the Broncos used to be a release. I used to able to come from work, unwind with a glass of vino and chat with friends about the broncos, learn from guys like BroncoBear, Styg, HoosierTeacher, TedBartlett, TJ and The Sports was like cyberspaces version of Cheers, and it was fun. Now, its more work to deal with than my real job. For an emotional cat like me that wears his heart on his sleeve, enough has become enough.



Our team was fun to watch. Jake Plummer was exciting, his own person and played with heart and soul. Rod Smith was a legend, we had characters like Mike Anderson, guys like Kyle Johnson. Shanahan might have driven me nuts, but he would have a go and roll the dice.



We had our controversies, like when jay Cutler took over from Plummer, but Plummer was a man about it, and we saw the potential in Cutler, and Jake left on his own terms, with a great winning record. 



But now, well, guys it just aint fun. Following this team is just plain hard work.  It is the first time when there is absolutely nothing I like about the team., nothing about the franchise and nothing about the future.



I find myself being negative, which has now turned to absolute apathy where I dont even care how we go any more. And my opinions, WOW.....I am bringing a ton of neagtivity myself, and in general life, that just aint my style.



This has become Lord of the Flies, with 2 distinct camps. I find myself honestly believing that half you guys are complete and utter idiots....I cant believe that ANYONE in their RIGHT mind could support Kyle Orton. He sucks.



ANd half you guys think I am an absolute prick...and you know what...I am not.....and half of you are NOT idiots, but this is where I have found myself.



I am sick of crew telling us how to be fans, sick of crew bemoaning MHR becoming like DP, yet them not realizing comments like that just add to the cause.



I am sick of arguing with dudes I  like...and find myself grinding my teeth (particularly KK's opinion of Tebow) when people speak stuff I vehemently disagree with  but...damn....KK and I are good mates. How the hell has it got this far. Why am I vehemently disagreeing with ANYTHING.....its football....its suppose to be fun!



I, more than anyone, have added to the chaos. I am emotional, I have started dreading coming here because I know there will be another QB thread, and off we go again. Opinions are so divided. And what is sad.....I cant in good conscience support Kyle Orton...I think hes dreadful and the worst thing wrong for our team...its starting to get personal. i am full of negativity....I did not even care we lost to the raiders......thats how bad its got.



I think Fox is an idiot and pretty clueless. Elway is an amateur and I would not trust him as far as I could kick his lying ass across the street. Xanders is just plain incompetent. McCoy is a yes man that has no idea how to creatively run an offense. But where has this negativity come I honestly believe this.....but how did I (and I am sure many of you) get to this place. It just aint positive! I was even prepared to send a check to those guys who are getting "The fire Kyle Orton" billboards. I have become everything that I HATE about over the top, out of control fans



Guys, it just aint fun anymore. One of my favorite members Montana, relayed how he had to take a break from the Broncos for a while, and how it did not make him a bad fan. Well, I agree.....this game needs to be fun again, I need to be excited about football, and most importantly, the Broncos.



Maybe this is something we all need to do. Maybe this hits a chord with a few of you. I wanted to post this in the hope that some of you are feeling the same way. Maybe use this post to vent...shit, as long as someone gets something out of it.



So, that being said, I am turning a new leaf. I just aint going to care anymore until the Broncos excite me again, until there is something tangible I can get behind. I am not going to argue with friends on here. I am only going to visit occasionally and read things that interest me. i am going to spend more time with my wife and kids, I am going to avoid anything to do with Kyle Orton. I might watch the games, I might not. I am going to wish my team the best and take a chill for a while.



To anyone out there, that I got into with, my apologies. There are some cool ass people on here, and want you to know you have much respect from me. I still believe that EFX has much to prove, and they need to earn ALL our trust.



My last thought I would leave you with is that its cool to hold our franchise accountable. We dont work for them, they work for us, so our opinions should count.....ALWAYS should count. Form your own opinions, and dont blindly believe that the coaches, the Broncos and the "experts" know more than you...some of the best knowledge I have ever got came , not only from the writers here at MHR and over at IAOFM, but from normal, well informed fans like us. 



And always remember.....GO BRONCOS!


Peace everyone, hope some of you get something out of this!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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