Top 10 Reasons Orton Should...

Be benched in favor of another QB:

10. The Fumble

9.  Our Defense isn't good enough to over come his mistakes.

8.  Orton isn't good enough to overcome our defenses mistakes.

7.  Tebow has God on his side, which no other team or player in the NFL can claim.

6.  Kyle Orton isn't as good looking as Tim Tebow or Brady Quinn, and we all know that good looks is a major indicator of success in any profession.

5.  Brady Quinn deserves another shot. (hahah...snigger, snigger...oh, that was funny).

4.  His beard isn't as good as Tebow's and Brady Quinn never needs to shave.

3.  5-19 or whatever his record is.

2.  He won't be on the team next year so why play him now?

1.  He's just not that exciting to watch and this sport is all about entertainment (and winning).

Should not be benched in favor of another QB:

10.  He didn't fumble it or throw an interception or go 3 and out on EVERY offensive series we had.

9.  Tebow isn't ready to start and Quinn isn't ready to be the #1 backup.

8.  The NFL is won by pocket passers not scramblers. Tebow would get hurt after 4 games and Orton would be back starting for us anyway.

7.  We need Orton to start all season so when we trade him at the end of the season we can claim he's an NFL starting QB for all 3 of his season here at Denver...oh, wait, he'll be an URFA, nevermind.

6.  Tebow doesn't really need experience playing in live games and all that hogwash about putting him in now so he'll start the learning curve sooner is just stupid talk.

5.  The other players would revolt and we'd have really bad moral in our locker room.

4.  The Broncos strategize for the NOW, not the future.

3.  Orton is the best QB on the team.

2.  Orton just had a kid with his wife and it would be a real downer for his family if he didn't start.

1.  It's EFX's plan to have the worst record in the league so we can get Luck #1 in next years draft since Quinn and Orton will both be URFA and we'll probably lose them to another team and will need to get a good backup QB.


But no matter what:



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