Wins Can End Debate

Losing causes dissension. Winning causes unity. Watch a group of 10 year olds play football and lose more than 50% of their games and you'll see the finger pointing. Even at the age of 10, it's human nature to protect how you played and look at those who you think didn't play well and blame them. We're not talking about a 'loss,' we're talking about a pattern of losing.

When something is broken (losing), we are determined to figure out - 'how do we fix this.'

Problem being a fan is - WE DON'T GET TO FIX IT... we have to watch another guy do that. Does that drive anyone else nuts? Isn't it part of 'man-code' to want to fix everything, and fix it 'my way?'

That being said - we're all trying to 'fix this thing,' and we want it done 'my way.' 

Would you like the fanbase to be unified like we were in 1998 and 1999? Would you like our blog posts to be about how great this player did, or how great that player did, and how great our team is performing?

I would... I'm tired of debating and arguing with fellow fans.

But how can we stop?

John Fox and John Elway need to find a way to start winning.  And I don't mean 'win,' I mean 'winning.'  Unity comes with winning football games.  Unfortunately 'winning' alone won't solve every debate, there will always be room for improvement unless we win the Super Bowl.  But, finishing a season in the playoffs for the first time in 5 years would silence many many critics.

As for Kyle Orton's part of this whole 'debate.'  In my opinion, I'm not sure that he actually has to be a 'winner' before the fans unite behind him as the starting QB...  I'm not saying he can continue to lose and we'll be behind him, but there are some things he can do to begin rallying fans to his cause:

Kyle Orton can IMPROVE. 

1.  Captialize on redzone opportunities with more than a field goal.  And make sure you don't need Tebow to do it for you.
2.  Captialize late in the game (3d and 4th quarter) with clutch passes and deep drives that turn into touch downs.
3.  Learn to side-step in the pocket better, though he won't be a scrambler, he can learn to side step and move back and forth.  Tom Brady is a horrid scrambler, but he can avoid pressure better than most. 
4.  Stop the untimely incompletions and interceptions with the game on the line and make sure it is not YOUR fault that we lose a game, or rather, make sure your play doesn't leave any question as to 'who's fault it was.'  (When a team loses, there are usually some bright spots - Erik Decker was last game and Kyle Orton needs to be from here on out.)

5.  I know I'm missing something, so #5 is for everything I missed...

The Tebow vs Orton debate can end with Kyle Orton improving in those areas.  If the team can't win with Kyle Orton, and he doesn't improve in these areas, this fan base will remain divided.  In fact, I think the debate continues about the starting QB even IF the Broncos begin winning - if Kyle Orton doesn't improve in those areas, the question will remain on whether or not the best QB is on the field.   

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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