Just Start Tebow

That's right, I said it.  Why not?  EFX needs to make the masses happy.  Why not do it?  Orton did not look any better than the rest of the team.  We don't expect to make the playoffs.  We are a rebuilding team.

We have three QB's on this roster that have been starting QB's in the NFL.  Opinions vary but there is support for two of them and even reason for the third to get his shot.  I say we should rotate QB's.  That would certainly end the debate.  We have 15 games left, thats Five per QB.

Other than injuries we could have them all in the same game situations.  We could see each of them in live games and see how they perform over four quarters.  Through adversity or smooth succesful performance we can see what they will do.  One coach, one game plan (style).


So, what do we have to lose.  We lose consistency for the O-line.  We lose consistency for the backs and recievers.  I hear all the time how the QB needs to have timing with his players to be succesful.  I am not sure I believe that, not really.  Second string players have to come in all the time and are expected to perform at a high level. 

I don't really believe this.  I think we should play the boring Qb while we work on other issues.  He gives us so much more than exciting games or wins.  He gives us stability to work with our young players so they can improve their game.  We are not going anywhere this year.  It does not matter who starts at QB.  Would I like to see more exciting games?  Sure I would.  I am more interested in seeing a winning season and that is less likely to happen if we start Tebow now.  Why do I say that?  Because Tebows natural talent is not in managing a game, it is in making plays happen.  That is a big part of football and probably the most fun part of football.  It is what wins games!  If you don't have the basics down, if you don't have an O line working together and backs familiar with what their role will be, those exciting plays are less likely to work.  You have to make the boring plays work for the unscripted plays to make the winning difference.

Our team needs to work on basics and KO can help us do it.  Never mind if EFX don't like Tebow.  Never mind if Orton is boring.  Never mind if Tebow is the next player to raise the bar.  None of us really know what the teams plans are.  But from seeing what is or has happened so far, I see the team doing what they said they were going to do.  I agree with the plan.  Tebow may be the next great QB to hit the field and riding the pine for a year is not going to change that.  I will say that I think if sitting on the bench hurts his play or his future, it probably wasn't going to be that good anyway.

For those of you saying Orton has had two years and we have seen what he can do.  Orton makes mistakes at the worst time.  Orton can never win.   I think you are delusional and don't truly understand sports.  I have seen over an over again, players that were supposed to be great play terrible and players that had no chance to play become HOF players.  Potential is just that, not a guarentee.  Bad play can be due to bad coaching or bad co workers/other players.   We don't know what Orton may do, nor do we know what Tebow may do.

We are one game into the season and nothing has changed.  Ok, everything has changed.  No, really it has.   KO was the QB for the past two sucky seasons.  We have a new FO, HC, and staff.   No matter how long KO has been leading this team, we are in a new year and saying anything is a continuation of last year is false thinking.   Nothing is the same except some of the players names.   We will not see the same thing this years as we did last.  We may still lose but we will lose Fox's way instead of McD's and that alone is very very different.

You don't have to agree with me, or with how the team is run.  You can say you want something different, anything different.  I agree, I want to see something different.  For me however, I see a plan.  I agree with the plan and expect it will bring me something different, something good.   Asking fans to have patience has nothing to do with the same old losing we saw last year because this is a new year, with new coaches.  Two years of Kyle Orton have passed but using that as your reason for not wanting to see more means you expect Fox to provide the same results.  KO is in another new system.  Similar terminology, similar plays drawn up, new coach running them.  New players and yes, new plays added in.  It may be the same old thing, but really it isn't.

There is a lot to take in and it didn't help that Monday nights game looked just like what we were watching last year.  It is one game.

Tebow will get a chance.  I don't see how he won't.   Screaming about Orton sucking won't help him start.   Constantly talking about the three games Tebow started won't help.  Saying EFX is stupid for not seeing Tebow's greatness is not clear thinking.  They see a bigger picture and all the fans should as well.  Passion is great, wanting to have fun watching our team is great.   We suck, and there is a lot of work to do.  No matter who is leading our team.

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