It's not Orton or Tebow; Its McDaniels, Elway, Fox, Xanders, and the Owner

I have a number of  posts that in essence have focused on fan frustration, rather than the technical aspects  of the Orton vs Tebow controversy, although there's no avoiding that.

I just read an article that reviews how we got to this miserable place as Bronco fans, and it indicts Mcdaniels, Fox, and Elway. Not so much for the final decision but how they have talked out of both sides of their mouth. The link to the articale is, authored by Drew Magary. I highly recommend you check it out, since I think its relevant to both Tebow lovers and haters, Orton lovers and haters, etc.

Since this is my post, I'll take responsibility and paraphrase some of what he said that coincides with what has been going through my own mind.

McDaniels is seen as the catalyst for everything: : an egotistical young coach trying to prove that the franchise QB [Cutler] wasn't going to show him up." McDaniels drafted Tebow, "'the Gritmaster in chief.'" Tebow showed "brief flashes of brillance" [and grit] in the last three games last year, but that's the last Bronco fans have seen of him when it counted, with the 1st team offense.

Elway is brought in, and he brings in Fox. Neither brought in Tebow!

Orton is on the trading block,and everyone assumes Tebow  who started when Orton was injured, is now the starter. Orton is not traded, but takes all his snaps with the first team offense throughout training camp. Fox announces Orton is his starter even before preseason games start, and its leaked that Tebow may even be 4th on the depth chart. Magary then concludes that Tebow "is buried on the depth chart" and Orton is the undisputed starter even though the team wanted to trade him before training camp began.

Mcgary then comes to what I consider to be the essence of the current Bronco situation: "Everyone" is hurt: "Orton is a perfectly capable QB who's been jerked around by his front office. It hurts Tebow, because Tebow played decently only to feel that he was buried for political reasons (it didn't help that someone with the team blabbed to Michael Silver that Tebow was the fourth best QB on the team ("

"It hurts the rest of the Broncos roster, because no one on the team really knows how the situation will play out. It hurts Fox and Elway, because both men don't seem to have a clear vision for who they want back there after nearly discarding of Tebow and Orton. It hurts Brady Quinn because Brady Quinn still exists. And it hurts Broncos fans, because they were told Tebow was their new franchise QB, saw Tebow play well, and then never saw him again, and the only explanation as to why has come from a coach and GM they don't trust."

I want to emphasize the last point that this situation hurts Fox and Elway because the only explanation  as to why all this whipsaw from the Orton trade, through the QB "competition" before training camp to "Orton is the starter" is "Orton is the starter."

Some will say that "winning will solve everything," but it won't work when you're not winning. There is no evidence that this season is going to be anything other than a rebuilding year.

Rebuilding years are survived because fans focus on individual players that are doing well, and see some progress in players that appear to have potential. That potential is the lifeblood for fans going through a losing season. Going with a QB "that provides us with the best chance of winning" is not much to hang your hat on when hoping for a "win," before each game, is likely  to disappoint many more times than its opposite.

Magary concludes with the following: "They should have traded Orton and let Tebow sink or swim this year. That would have been the DECISIVE [caps mine] move, the move that would have given this franchise an idea of where it's going. Instead, they kept both men, showed little loyalty to either, and are paying the price. Don't be surprised if this team is starting from scratch again two years from now."

The coach and front office have put all their baskets in the "best chance to win" basket. The locker room wants the QB with the best chance to win. Is that because they want to pad their stats like Brandon Lloyd or are the players the experts that are looking out for the TEAM and the FANS! Are the coach and front office in a CYA mode. I say, yes! 

In addition, where is the Bronco owner is all this. At this point, I'd even like a Jimmy Jones type owner who understands fans even if he might interfere too much in coaching decisions, at times. The Broncos are HIS product, including the coaching and front office. If they are adversely affecting his team, isn't it about time we heard from him?

I want to emphasize the point that Mcgary makes about decisiveness. Fox's "Orton is the starter" is decisive in words. But, the rationale for that is it "gives us the best chance to win." The key, in THIS situtation, is to ask what is a "win." Is a win, a 1-15 record, or How about 6-10, which is better than last year. Is that a win justifying playing Orton. What is given up to achieve that 6-10 record, and how much is that 6-10 record worth to the franchise and fan base both this year and following years.

So, in regard to entertainment and miserable fans, this "gives us the best chance to win" rationale in reality is INDECISIVE!

At its heart, its not building a winning team, but its a bone tossed to the fans.

The Broncos were not an organization with all the parts in place for a championship, but just lacking a winning coach to bring them together, but a major rebuilding project. The "best chance to win" sounds like a consolation prize, not a quest to build something great. THAT'S THE CRUX of the mistake the front office and coach have made. They may know something about football, but it doesn't appear that they understand fans or entertainment

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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