Beat this Horse and it will beat you!


I’m going to start off by saying Tim Tebow should be allowed to play! Not start, but play. Now it is a fine line I know but something that needs to be looked at. Here are my ideas so feel free to destroy them:

1: Kyle Orton should start


Reason- Kyle Orton is in the last year of his contract. I feel that EFX wanted to build up Kyle’s resume in order to get an offer to sign and trade him in next year’s off season. So far that plan has backfired. Tim Tebow is a Bronco with some time left on his contract, so he’s not going anywhere. Kyle on the other hand won’t be around next year. So the brain trust we call EFX got together and had a plan. That plan was to trade Kyle this year, which also backfired on them. Plan B then let’s make Kyle a starting QB in this league that somebody will actually send us something for. Backfire # 2! Kyle was given some rope and he hung us all with it. As fans it’s ok to want Tim Tebow to start, but we also need Kyle to start and produce good numbers so he holds some value too.


2. Kyle should sit in the Red Zone (only in close games)


Reason: A win is a win! Kyle has been horrible his whole career in the Red Zone, no surprise here. Monday Night was a prime example of that fact. Kyle should have been pulled Tebow should have come in to run the O. Tebow is very hard to defend in the Red Zone with his ability to run. This is a team sport and I understand that Kyle may give us the best chance to win between the 20’s, but it ends there. Tebow is the Red Zone player most dream to be.  Now I already hear people yelling at me here. If Kyle comes out how does he build his value? In games that aren’t close, he doesn’t but Trust me we are going to have more game that are not close than that are. Let Kyle run the Red Zone O in those games. Make sense yet?


3. Denver is not “Who we thought they were”


Reason: Denver had all of us fans fooled! We saw something in them that so far hasn’t come out. We saw a team that was different then it was last year. Well guess what? It is the same team. New Faces, New places…Same Team! Denver still can’t stop the run and still doesn’t have a solid pass rush. Adding Von Miller will help but right now as we saw on Monday night we are only consistent at one thing. Losing! Until this team finds a way to put a solid defense on the field then “Winning” is not going to be us.


4. We have nothing else to talk about!


Reason: What else do we have to talk about other than Orton VS Tebow? “If we are going to stink, let’s stink with Tebow!” That can only get you so far. We can’t talk about how bad are O-Line looked, that’s not sexy! We can’t talk about how are team tackled like a bunch of freshman power puff girls (Dawk excluded here- He was AWESOME), that’s not sexy! So what is sexy talk- Tebow starting over Orton! We have seen this and been force feed this for almost 3 years now dating back before Denver even drafted Tebow. When Tebow was tearing up the SEC some were praying for Denver to draft him. Well watch what you wish for because you just might get it and everything that comes with it. Denver today is a bad team. I still LOVE them, but truth is Denver is not good at anything. Not one position on the team is great. Players are such as Champ, Dawk, Doom, but the team as a whole is just downright terrible. The bandwagon is on fire and we as fans need to quit fueling it. Call for the water trucks and hope that this team can rally behind it better than we fans/media did!  

To close: You can pick your friends, you can pick your clothes, you can pick your nose, but a team picks you! Denver picked me and I'll stand beside them until I can't stand no more. Who picked you? If you say Denver then stand with me and honor what the team does. Right now the team picks Orton! This is hard coming from a Tebow guy, but okay Denver I don't like it, but I'll stand for it. Don't make a fool out of me again!  



This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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