On Hacks and Out of towners

This post (which I believe is my first) is actually a reply (that got too long to just leave as a comment) to the post from a couple days ago with regard to the 104.3 interview the other day with billboard guy, Jesse Oaks and what has been perceived by many as an attack on Broncos fans not from Denver.

I may be a little late on this but I did not take it as an insult directed at out of towners. Maybe it's because I listen every day, or because I live in Denver, but that's just not how I took it. Heck, I don't even like Dmac, I think he's kind of a joke. But honestly, I think people are being too sensitive about this. When I heard the interview, to me I took it as Dmac was making fun of this guy who (as had been previously implied by lumping him in with the people that Dmac refers to as the "Tebow chanters") was in all likelihood more of a Tebow fan then a Broncos fan. Additionally, I took it as a joke intended to prove to the guy that he didn't know as much about the broncos as he was trying to portray.

Maybe I took it this way because of my own personal perspective on the situation, because I knew that he posted on the broncos official forums instead of someplace that had lots of intelligent posters/contributors like MHR. Maybe it's because I knew he had been referring to US as Broncos nation when any self-respecting broncos fan with this kind of passion knows its Broncos country. I'm not sure.

All I am sure is that he is not part of Broncos country! He can keep his "Broncos nation".  WE here at MHR are a part of broncos country and no matter what your physical address, and no matter if you've ever even been to Denver before, you are from Denver. To me, if you are a broncos fan then you are from Denver regardless of your physical location because you are part of a family which has its roots in Denver.

So don't be offended if someone makes fun of you for being a Broncos fan and not living in Denver. I grew in Grand Junction, Colorado and people in Denver make fun of me for it all the time. Guess what? I laugh at the jokes they make! And I do the same if someone makes fun of me for being from Denver. If I were to insult you for being from somewhere, I'd hope that you would do the same. But honestly, I've been around long enough and read this blog enough to know that no matter where you are from, the stereotypes of people that live there are only at best kind of true. The only thing I know for a fact about out of towners is that I feel sorry for them that they don't have the privilege of living in Denver (see? I got jokes!).

OUR passion is for the Broncos first, and its players second. Terrell Davis could have run for 3000 yards and I wouldn't have cared for it as much as I do for the 2 Championships he helped bring us. I know people here at MHR and other blog sites are smarter than all this. I couldn't care less if its Orton, or Tebow, or Quinn, or Weber as long as the guy on the field gives us the best chance to win.

So don't get hooked by a ha ck like Dmac. Don't get hooked by Jesse Oaks and the Tebow chanters. Don't be so sensitive about what others think about your fan hood because, ultimately, IT'S YOURS! TAKE PRIDE IN BEING A BRONCOS FAN!!!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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