Cin vs Den: The No Bull Review

First off, let me start with a prediction:  This week's "No Bull Review" will not be nearly as contentious as last weeks.  Winning cures all ails I hope.  

Take a minute and think about this:  at one point in the 3rd quarter about 50% of our team's money was out of the game injured.  Our biggest and best for the most part did not play.  As you'll see in the review below, I for one thing their impact is pretty meaningful.  We saw a second-rate Bronco team pull out a gutsy win.  It is okay for Bronco Country to be very happy about this win.  Don't listen to the nay-sayer's who keep wanting to trash us.  This win right here is a real building block for our young new Broncos.  I hope it is the start of a winning habit for our young guys.

Training Staff

I am now officially a big proponent of firing the whole training and conditioning staff and replacing them all.  This is too many years with too many injuries.  Yes, it could just be circumstance, but I think if you dig into the statistics we've been having far too many injuries compared to other teams.  It couldn't hurt.



  • Props to the O-line overall.  They did a very good job in both phases.  They opened holes, they protected our QB.
  • Now, big slaps to their hands because of all the penalties.  This is something I'm hoping Fox focuses on this week because the penalties they make just kill us.  It was only due to some really superb execution that we were able to sustain these drives after the penalties.
  • McGahee is my new friggin hero.  I've been missing a RB that runs with authority for what seems like years (though Hillis ran as well in my opinion).
  • Quick shout to Lance Ball:  Good job son..that's two weeks in a row you've caught my attention, and I'm not a big fan.  I now will be cheering a bit for you to learn the skills better that I've been complaining about in reviewing you.  Great power shown ...I dig it.
  • Eric Decker:  This guy is the real deal.  I LOVED seeing a big guy like him making plays in the pass game.  I really think he has some real special potential.  Easily he deserves the #2 spot in my opinion.  He did show his youth a bit on one play where he totally missed the call..was run blocking on a pass play that was going to him.
  • We saw a glimpse of something that I hope we see more of:  Spencer Larsen.  I have always thought that having a FB like him in the passing game is just a very powerful weapon (see Howard Griffith)
  •  For everyone who was whining and crying about Orton last week, here's something just for you:  60% completions, 2 TD, 111 pass rating and a respectable 41% 3rd down conversion (though not all were passes).  I was quite impressed with his accuracy...on one of Decker's longer receptions it was a post and he put it in the perfect window right in front of Decker so Decker was able to run for big yards.
  • I'm surprised we didn't see much of our TEs after Tomas went down.  Did McCoy keep them in on protection most of the game?  Someone chime in cause I didn't notice...


  • What a gutsy performance, first of all.  Our defense did fantastic given the big holes left by injuries...Baily and Doom - you can't hurt our team more than to have those two guys miss a game.  I would like to point out that it showed up BIG how much we need those two guys.  The pass rush was non-existent and our secondary looked very questionable in the 2nd half.
  • Benson scared me silly - that guy is so hard to tackle.  I think we did a superb job on taking away that weapon...and we did it by executing plays well - gap control was good and our linebackers were sealing the deal.
  • Mays looked pretty darn good from what I saw.  Did I miss something?  Someone sanity check me because what I normally see from his is a good play / bad play flip flop all game long.  
  • Vaughn looked young, but good.  He needs to keep making progress though as to me he is not ready to be the #1 or #2 CB yet.  To me I think he has some more mental work to get honed - the big problems I see him make have a lot to do with him not understanding the situation...covering a little to far off, etc.
  • Ayers looked so very good in this game...and it was NOT just on the big play near the end of the game.  Some people don't like how high we drafted him, but I for one am very happy this guy is a Bronco.  He's going to be playing for us for a long time from what I see...
  • Goodman frustrated me quite a bit in this game...his game looked much like Vaughn's...and to me that is just awful to say about a vet like him.  Tackling take some lessons from Bailey!
  • Woodyard also really impressed me.  At this point, I'm good with just letting DJ go and keep Woodyard as the #1.  He is so good in pass coverage...he played one route like good CBs do...stayed right on his guy's hip and knocked the ball down as it was getting there. 

Special Teams

  • Fire Chris Harris now.  He cost us one of the coolest punts I've ever seen at one of the most inopportune time.


  • We looked way better prepared this week than last.  Props to the coaching staff for having a solid plan of action in all phases of the game and getting the team to execute.
  • Dennis Allen needs to be slapped IMO - in the 3rd Q when everything went to hell, just where were the exotic blitz packages!?  Dude...I'm an armchair QB and even I knew we needed to bring the heat on Dalton.  Notice in the 4th Q our defense started blitzing and it worked well...Dalton was throwing more inaccurately, etc.

Team Notes

Being here in CO I caught the post-game local news talking to some of the players.  I was very impressed with these guys. Ayers gave credit more than once to the coaching staff when asked about his own performance.  I really dig hearing this from a shows that our coaches are coaching well and the team is buying what they are selling. This is so important for a young team like ours.  Orton gave big credit to the team.  He said that this one was one of the best wins he's ever been a part of - defense, running game, passing game.  Decker specifically gave credit to the offensive line two times.  He talked about how his whole thing is being a dependable and consistent player.  Again, gotta love this stuff...credits to your team, your linemen, your coaching staff.

Great win against a team we should have definitely beat.  Go Broncos!!!

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