Has the injury bug bitten the Broncos harder than other teams?

After hearing some calls to fire the strength and conditioning staff I decided to try and answer the title question. The infirmary report for the Broncos along with the rest of the NFL entering week two of the season will follow after the jump so that you can compare for yourself. This is just going to look at the total number of players each team has on IR, OUT or on the PUP list. I am not trying to assign value as some teams with fewer players total on the infirmary report might be in worse straights than the Broncos (see the Colts without P. Manning).


Entering Week 2 NFL injuries


team IR OUT PUP Total
AZ 2 2 0 4
ATL 0 2 0 2
BLT 2 2 0 4
BUF 3 1 0 4
CAR 4 0 0 4
CHI 1 0 0 1
CIN 2 1 1 4
CLV 1 3 0 4
DAL 1 2 0 3
DEN 5 3 0 8
DET 1 3 0 4
GB 2 3 0 5
HOU 1 1 0 2
IND 0 3 0 3
JAX 5 2 0 7
KC 4 1 0 5
MIA 0 1 0 1
MIN 1 0 0 1
NE 1 2 3 6
NO 1 2 1 4
NYG 5 3 2 10
NYJ 1 2 0 3
OAK 2 3 0 5
PHI 1 1 1 3
PIT 1 1 1 3
SD 3 2 0 5
SEA 3 4 3 10
SF 3 0 0 3
STL 3 1 2 6
TB 2 2 0 4
TEN 1 0 0 1
WAS 1 0 0 1


This doesn't count Lloyd or Champ who were not listed as OUT before the game, but were unable to play. So the Broncos have been pretty unlucky with injuries so far particularly when you factor in the quality of the players who are currently sidelined for the Broncos. The only two teams who have had worse luck are the Seahawks and the Giants - in terms of total numbers. 

While we can't know who will come off this list next week for the Broncos, we can say for sure that Royal will by added to OUT list. If I were a betting man, I would bet that D. Thomas is still on the OUT list for week 3. Knowing what I know out high ankle sprains (having had a couple myself), J. Thomas will also be OUT next week. So the total number for the Broncos will either increase or stay the same even if DJ and M. Thomas are ready to go against the Titans. Chicago, Miami, Minn., Tenn. and Wash. have all been lucky so far in 2011. 


I'm curious to know how this compares to previous years and whether or not the lockout is going to mean a greater injury rate this year for NFL players. 


So go do whatever it is that you do to guarantee health - pray, burn incense, sacrifice a chicken - and let's hope the Broncos have gotten the injuries out of the way early and can stay healthy the rest of the way. 



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