Summing up the QBs over the preseason

Was going to do a quick comment on the gameday thread but thought I might need a post to cover all this. I just wanted to put together some quick stats to see if they back up my impressions of the way the QBs have played this preseason. Join me after the jump...

Orton has completed 28 of 42 for 408 yards, with 2 tds for 1 int. Thats a comp % of 66.6%, 9.71 yds/attempt and a rating of 104.1

Quinn has completed 22 of 42 for 276 yards, with 2 tds and 2 ints. Thats a comp % of 52.4%, 6.57 yds/attempt and a rating of 69.1

Tebow has completed 20 of 31 for 310 yards, with 1 td and no ints. Thats a comp % of 64.5%, 10.0 yds/attempt and a rating of 108.3

Like Rodney A said in his post, All Aboard the Preseason Train to Koolaid Town, only believe stats if they pass the common sense test. These stats tell me that Orton deserves to be the starter, he has played well and most if not all his stats came playing with and against first team players.

Tebow has played well and protected the football (no ints), although most if not all of his stats have come with and against 2nd/3rd teamers. He hasn't played well enough (or Orton has played too well, if you prefer to put it that way) to beat Orton out for the starting job, but he is progressing well. Plenty of hope for the future here.

Quinn has played well in parts, not so well in others - I know thats putting it nicely after tonights performance, but I'm trying to be rational here :-). He has turned the ball over too much, and if he was called on to play in the regular season I would be holding my breath every time he dropped back to pass. I'm not sure if Coach Fox still trusts him to run the offense, but at this point I don't.

I haven't mentioned Weber, because the dude has attempted and completed one pass (even though it was a damn good one). Hopefully he sticks around.

How to sum this up? I feel confident about our QBs going into the regular season, we have a good starting QB who we can definitely win games with, a backup QB (Tebow) who is probably good enough to start on some teams and has a ton of potential, and another backup QB (Quinn) who is... a backup QB, no better, no worse.

Go Broncos, 13-3 until we ain't!!!

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