The Top 53 That I Want To Keep

After watching all four preseason games (the first three, a few times over). The guys are listed in the order I prefer to keep them if there is a little adjustment based on how many we keep per position that differs from how many I think we will. These are they guys that stood out to me, made the most impact, and seem to hold the most talent on our roster worth keeping:


Offense: 25

3 QBs: Orton, Tebow, Quinn/Weber (after Tebow's improvement and Brady's play last night I wouldn't mind us holding on to Weber, who looks like a good developmental QB)
4 RBs: Moreno, McGahee, Ball, Johnson (I think there is definitely a chance that Minor could take Johnson's slot, but I think Johnson looks more explosive, so he's my preference)
1 FB: Larsen (I don't think Sylvester is polished enough for us to cut Larsen for. Not to mention Larsen DOES offer an exteremly rare insurance at LB if things get crazy)
5 WRs: Lloyd, Decker, Royal, Willis/Riley/Davis (Any two of these three would make me happy. Willis got knicked in the last game and Davis got his bell rung pretty hard. Both Riley has been as impressive as Willis IMO, but Davis doesn't look bad either; his size will help on running downs. Whoever that fifth man is will get dropped at week 6 when D. Thomas must come off the PUP anyways though. If I had to choose I'd choose Willis and Riley and then let injuries/play dictate who to drop when Thomas is healthy.)
4 TEs: Fells, Thomas, Rosario, Gronk/Green (I don't know if Green has shown enough to not try to slip to the PS, but he may beat out Gronk. I think we will lean more toward Blocking TEs though, which is why I list Gronk first. Fells and Rosario catch well enough, and Thomas will be the major receiving weapon at that position, hence the reason we can push Green to PS - if he doesn't get picked up by SD or someone that likes that type of TE)
8 OL: Clady, Beadles, Walton, Kuper, Franklin, Daniels, Taylor, Ramirez/Hochstein (I know Hoch can play C - not well... but still he is versatile. We may go thinner at OL to keep more talent on the roster since most of our 2nd/3rd stringers are no better than the guys who will be sitting the FA market. See notes below.)


Defense: 25

4 DEs: Dumervil, Ayers, Hunter/Jarmon/Harvey (I'd be happy with any two of these three. And since Von could step up to the DE position in a serious rash of DE injuries, I think we carry and extra Corner/Safety instead)
5 DTs: Vickerson, Warren/Bunklely/Thomas/McBean/Unrein (I don't know enough about the injuries to see which 4 of these 5 will stay on the roster).
6 LBs: Miller, Williams, Mays, Woodyard, Irving, Mohamed/Haggan (I'd like either of these two, but I think Mohamed will be the keeper because of his young legs for ST play, but Haggan is also  versatile and a good ST player)
5 CBs: Champ, Goodman, Vaughn, Squid, Cox/Bing (I would have preferred Syd'Quan over Cox, but if the injury is really bad, we may go with Cox. If the injury is bad AND Cox's legal problems make him cut-worthy than I think we keep Brandon Bing to develop)
5 Ss: Dawkins, Moore, McCarthy, Carter, Bruton/McBath (Before last night I would have said McBath was a goner. But he showed some good signs against AZ, and Bruton is hurt... who knows. I think Bruton stays though.)

Special: 3

Paxton, Colquitt, Hauschka+Prater (he'll be on the team during Prater's likely suspension, after which point Matt will resume duties as the BAMF Denver K)

**Note about the OL and WRs**: I really don't like any of our backup OL that much, I think we could find just as serviceable guys in the FA and Waiver wire.... so I think we keep the versatile - though not talented - guys that McDaniels brought in and keep the talent in our skill positions on the roster. We will also be running more TE sets with a heavy running attack, so I think the multitude of TEs will give us another safety net in case of a rash of OL injuries. God I hope none of our starters go down for multiple games... As for WRs, I think we will carry less just because most of our RBs, and a couple of our TE's could line up in the slot if we got a serious rash of injuries at WR.

For the poll add a comment about your choice. The collective wisdom/insight of MHR will give us the most clarity and the most accurate assessment anyone outside of Dove Valley could offer. :)

Cheers and GO BRONCOS (may our starters live long and prosper)!!!!

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