What a Stinker in Phoenix



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What a stinker in Phoenix!  I know that this was preseason game four and no starters played.  I am still disappointed that forth second straight game a u of p stadium we get absolutely crushed.  If you combined the regular season game last year and tonights massacre, the point total has to something like 55-17 and that is being genrous!  I take this harder because I live here but I am a monkeys uncle again.  I have a cottontail and a pair of rabbit ears...again.  I was heckled nicely as I sat at the 30 yd line in the Cards section wearing my gear.  I honestly thought and desperately hoped that

1)  we would be physical and hit the Cards hard 

2)  have good special teams play 

3)  have a legitimate number two qb emerge  Much to my shegrin, none of these happened.  Brady Quinn should be cut tonite.  This was his big chance but he was horrible.  That Goher pick he threw was awful.  This was his big chance to separate himself and finally gain some respect and he failed.    Tebow was poor as well.  Which one is gonna be number 2?  I hate to say iy but if Orton goes down, we are screwed.  Our line had better play damn good all season for us to have a  glimmer of a chance to  make the playoffs.  We looked like an inferior team tonite.  To the Cardinals of all teams!  Wait till we play the good teams!  Oh boy!  I know, I know...preseason  

So let's flush the preseason down the toity and look at the<strike></strike> positives going in to the season  


1) Orton will have his best year ever.  He will be back with Lloyd and I hope to see more passes like the bomb at the end of the first half against thevRavens.  That pass was as pretty as ive ever seen


2) Royal will have his best year ever.  He will take the number 2 spot and blossom with 75 or more balls caught.  


3) Dumervil and Miller will be awesome. Thank God Elvis is back and Miller will be a beast.  I hope he hits Rivers so hard that he crys like the little bitch he is.  


4) Champ and Dawkins are always good.  They will be needed as leaders and playmakers.  Bailey has his contract and he will perform with some picks.  


5) Moreno and McAhee will be a strong one two punch. It would e great to have two 1000 yd rushers but I will settle for one,  We will need to stop the run, play good special<strike><b></b></strike> teams, and get a lot more take Aways,  we will need to stay healthy and avoid dumb penalties.  There is my formula.  The other thing I should mention is that Fox and Elway had better lead like ever before.  I know john will,.  I hope Fox des.  I hope to forget about Napollean McDaniels and crush the Raiders!  These things will  make the Stinker in Phonix be forgotten.

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