Broncos Vs Cardinals: The No Bull Review

Watching this game gave me quite a was last year all over again.  I kept having to remind myself that these were the back-ups.  Our starters were resting.  This is not indicative of what we'll see from our Broncos.  It does show us one thing for sure though:  This team doesn't have quality depth at some positions...and our young guys were really hurt by the lock-out.  My break down will be a little different...offense will be reviewed by halves and the defense is just all lumped together as there were mainly the same group of guys on the field for them most of the game.

1st Half Offense:

  • Let's hammer this home for you guys:  Lance Ball does not have a future with our team.  He's been in the league long enough to show what he has.  It is my honest hope they drop him and look elsewhere for help rather than keep a poor-quality back-up just because we're familiar with him.  Here's the main issue:  He doesn't appear to have good vision and he almost never cuts back if the run isn't there.  It is just agonizing to watch him run into defenders over and over.  No Bull...I'm done with this guy.
  • Be very worried about the depth of our Offensive Line.  They were not very good at all from what I was seeing.  Very little in the way of holes being made and it certainly wan't consistent.  Their pass protection left much to be desired as well, though we've been seeing that all preseason.
  • I know Virgil Green has lots of potential, but he wasn't getting good separation and he certainly didn't show any soft hands in this game.  I'd think we'd try to put him on the practice squad, but he isn't worth a spot on the roster to me.
  • Brady Quinn really shot himself in the foot in this game.  This was a flash-back to last year's preseason when he just didn't seem to know what to do.  I don't know what happened, but at this point, I'd put him as our 3rd stringer behind Tebow.  That INT across the middle he threw with such determination was just awful.  I was really scratching my head.  I don't know what he saw or if he wasn't on the same page with a WR.


  • Let's get some good stuff first:  Our guys looked very impressive against the run.  There were a couple plays where our Ends didn't set the edge and we paid for it, but other than that, our front 7 did a fantastic job.  I'm very pleased that we seem to have some depth there.  Harris, Hunter, and McBean really looked good up there.
  • Without our quality pass-rush, our secondary was exposed and the guys didn't look good back there.  We need that pass rush in a bad way of course.
  • Vaughn looked decent to me.  He didn't make any big plays, but he was for the most part where he needed to be according to the play calling. 
  • I won't be surprised if Cox is let go.  His decision making on special teams was horrid and his play was completely inconsistent again.
  • The one bright spot in the secondary was McBath.  He was playing free safety well and made AZ pay for a poor throw.  Also, he would almost had a 2nd INT the next drive.

2nd Half Offense:

  • Tebow was consistent with his other performances this year.  He throws a nice deep pass, throws horrid short passes, and at times seems to be making progress in looking down the field for his reads.  He looked very poor on one play where he started to look for a hole to run through instead of dumping the pass off to Gronk.  I do love seeing him throw long though...that TD was gorgeous.
  • Jeremiah Johnson must have been taking notes from Ball because he was doing the same thing...running right into defenders.  Where's the cut-back guys?
  • Minor looked pretty good cutting to holes and bursting through them for decent gains.  I'll take him over the other two we saw if it were me.
  • Let's give some props to Webber...definitely worth putting on the practice squad.  He showed some heart in his few plays.

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