Bucking Broncos

A couple thoughts that run through my mind...

Charlie Weis Gone...

K.C. Chiefs? Really? Well, I'm sure glad Charlie Weis is out of the AFC West! Wow how things have changed since he left. Just check out their scores since his departure. I guess coaching does make a difference.

Dearly Departed...

Anyone have any news on the guys we let go? Anyone get picked up by other teams? Guys like Britt Davis. He seemed like he had potential. And he played special teams too. I don't recall Eron Riley doing much tackling or anything but he made it to the PS. Versatility is valuable!

All Hail Sir Willis McGahee?

Let's not get too ahead of ourselves here. Why so much hate for Knowshon? A couple weeks ago, I was hearing from majority of the people that they really liked how he was running and looks to make a break out year. Then he got hit by the injury bug YET again! Which is really unfortunate because the masses have quickly changed their tune. Now it's off with his head. McGahee for president! I'm not taking anything away from Willis, but everyone seems to overlook the fact that he did WAY worse than Knowshon last week against the Raiders. 4 carries for 3 yards(0.8 avg)? And this is the savior over the dreadful Moreno reign? The masses are so easily persuaded. I would have loved to see what Knowshon would have done against the Bengals. There were actually holes being opened up this week as opposed to last. I won't deny I'm a KM fan and still think he has plenty to offer. There's a reason he's the first string RB for Fox's team. Glad the fans don't make the decisions.

I Salute You!

I get so excited whenever I see a player doing the Mile High Salute. I get tingles every time I see it from these new Broncos. Glad they're bringing back traditions of our dominant years....miss those days

Lack of Pressure

After a promising preseason, we've lost our ability to pressure the QB. I really believed we were going to get the QB just about every time it was an obvious passing down. Certainly the injury to Doom has been a big factor. But really, one man down and that's it? What happened? Is it me, or are the defensive calls being way  more conservative? Why did we waste all our pressure packages in the preseason for other teams to study? Why isn't it the other way around? I'm still holding out hope that it's just a change of philosophy that's taking time to mature.

Von the Man!

What else can be said about this kid that hasn't already been mentioned by MSM, MHR, etc? Certainly glad he was our first pick and we hit a home run! Doom can't come back healthy soon enough. Unleash the hounds! Get em!!

Weather a Factor on Raiders?

I know, I'm a week late. I may be in the minority, but I feel the weather last week against the Raiders played a huge factor in us losing the game. Weather not being a factor, I believe we win that game convincingly. Defense played great and kept the Raiders in check 95% of the time. Big runs really ballooned the stats. Of all the screw ups and turnovers, we still just lost by a record tying 63 yard field goal, along with a missed Prater FG attempt that would have left the game even. We left a ton of points on the field that day. After rewatching the game, there were plenty of times that Orton had minutes to look over the defense while he was in the pocket. Sure there were a handful of screw ups, but there was a pocket majority of the plays. When you pass that often, the defense will get their sacks. At first watch, the O-line looked horrible. Watch it again and it wasn't all that bad. Remember, we were passing all day in rainy weather. Not a good combination.

Fox Not Commited To Tebow?

Not gonna get into the whole Tebow thing too much. My gut feeling is this FO IS dedicated to Tebow. As much as media tries to sway you. "They need to just CUT him straight up" - dumbest suggestion ever. The word on the street is this regime is not tied to Tebow, which is true. But also don't overlook the fact that Fox met with tebow before the draft. Obviously there was interest there on his part. Maybe not 1st round interest, but Fox was a Tebow backer coming out of college. I think it's 50/50 he stays. I really believe that would be a huge mistake if they end up moving him. Just like Atlanta's mistake with a young Brett Favre.

Starting the Week On a Positive Note!

Ahhh, feels so good to start the new work week with a win. When was the last time that happened? I can't even remember. I've been getting used to coming into work with a sick taste in my mouth and not wanting to read anything to do with my team(even though I still do). Isn't it sad that I'm used to losing? I'm really not good company to have right after a loss. My wife just leaves me alone the rest of the day if things don't go in favor of our team. Well, times are a changing! Hopefully we can keep some momentum and get our key players back on the field.

Rah Rah Sis Boom Bah?

Not trying to do any bashing at all, but I was very impressed with how Andy Dalton was rallying his team on the bench every time the camera went to him. Why don't I EVER see Kyle doing that? That really bugs me. When was the last time we saw Kyle going up and down the sideline trying to encourage his team? Don't get me wrong, I am one that believes he should be starting, though he did a great job trying to convince me otherwise last week against the Raiders. I'm still cheering for him because he is our QB, but he's on a very short leash.

Questioning EFX Decision To Have Only 3 WR's

Again, the "fans" give little credit to EFX, but a whole lot of blame. I hear people stating EFX is incompetent for having just 3 WR's. So quick to jump the gun without knowing the whole story. Well, now the story has come out. They fully believed Brandon Lloyd was going to play. He even practiced on Friday without any setbacks. Fans are so quick to question EFX's intelligence like they're the ones that should be running the show. "I would never go into a game with just 3 WRs", blah blah blah. Well guess what, you're not. You will never get that choice. Leave it up the the professionals. And the Hall of Fame QB that knows a thing or two about what a team needs to have. Please stop acting like you know more than the men in charge, because really, YOU DON'T!

On to week 3. Let's get 50% of our bank roll back on the field. Let's get more sacks and turnovers. Let's get another win. Go Broncos!

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