Tebow IS the right choice for QB

Hello fellow Bronco fans!  As a hardcore Denver Bronco fan, I have been avid follower of MHR for quite some time now and all this Orton/Tebow flip flopping has inspired me to make my first post.  After the Raiders game last week, everyone seemed primed for Tebow to take over.  Then this week, everyone is back on the Orton bandwagon.  I would like to say that regardless of the win against the Bengals, Tim Tebow MUST become the starting QB of the Denver Broncos at some point this season.  He is just too damn good to have sitting on the bench.  To prove my point, I would like to share a story of the first time I ever heard the name Tim Tebow, and why I know he is the QB who will one day lead the Broncos to a Lombardi Trophy...

The first time I ever saw Tim Tebow was early in his career at Florida.  I remember watching tv and flipping through the channels when I came across a college football game.  Eh, not a big fan.  Just as I was about to change the channel, something caught my eye that I still remember to this day.  It was a Florida football player who completely RAN OVER some guy.  I mean he flat out CRUSHED him.  It was embarrassing.  I couldn't help laugh. 

"WOW that guy looks like a freight train out there.  Who the heck is that??"  I wondered.  He was a man amongst boys.  He had the grit to plow through defenders and fight for every last inch.  The player stood up and I saw his jersey number, it was #15.  The announcer said he was the quarterback.  I thought, "WHAT??  He's a QB?!  You gotta be kidding me!"  He looked like Mike Alstott on steroids.  Scratch that.  Mike Allstott on Bane Venom.  I continued watching as Tebow led his team to a TD in a game they were already dominating.  All the announcers could talk about was Tebow.  "He's a leader, he's got incredible work ethic, and he wants to win more than anyone."  But it wasn’t the hype that caught my attention, it was his play.  I knew from that very moment Tim Tebow was a truly special talent and he instantly became one of my favorite football players.  I remember thinking, "WOW he's going to be a game changer in the NFL.  The Broncos NEED someone like him but that will never happen now that we have Cutler..."

My how things have changed. 

At last year’s draft when Chris Berman announced "The Broncos have traded for the 25th pick..." and the camera went to a shot of Tebow, I just about lost it.  I jumped up and screamed "OMG I DON'T BELIEVE IT.  WE'RE GETTING TIM TEBOW!!"  I knew that after 10+ years of journeymen QBs, we finally had a franchise QB again.  But somehow there are so many skeptics out there who say, "Eh, I'll believe it when I see it." 

Well I’m here to tell you that I've already seen it.  And I know it's only a matter of time until Tebow gets his chance to prove it to the world.  Tebow is one of the most unique, unorthodox, exciting QBs that I have EVER seen play football.  And if there is one reason above all else that I want to see Tebow succeed, it’s so that all the Orton supporters and Tebow haters can feel that "oh shit I was wrong" feeling.  If you don’t support Tebow then you really never saw what he is capable of.  You never had that "wow" moment like I had.  And someone probably told you "Tebow can’t play in the NFL", "he comes from the spread offense which doesn’t translate", "he can’t read defenses", "he doesn’t have the accuracy", "he doesn’t have the footwork", and "he doesn’t have the throwing motion".  I’ve heard, read, and watched this being repeated over and over in the media by the so-called "experts".  DON’T listen to them.  I thought experts watched game film?  How does footwork and throwing motion trump explosive plays and winning championship after championship?  Some may argue he did those things in college but what about in the NFL?  Well, I thought last year’s "no one touches the ball here but me" game winning TD run against the Texans would have turned more people into Tebow believers than it did.  I mean "wow", that was pretty sick.  I thought his broken play 40 yard TD run against the Raiders would have put the skeptics at ease but no, they still say "NFL QBs can only be successful from the pocket."  Ok, then how about his long TD pass to Brandon Lloyd in the corner of the endzone?  Oh wait, I forgot how short memories can be. 

I’m sorry but Tebow's true value cannot be measured in practice, throwing motion, or footwork.  Let's even forget the leadership, the work ethic, the intangibles, the Heisman, the National Championships, and the absolutely mind blowing college stats.  Above all else, the most important quality that Tebow has is the "it" factor.  "It" is the ability to make something out of nothing.  "It" is the ability to carry a team on his shoulders.  "It" is the ability to capture the imagination and excitement of an entire city and nation. 

Of all the QBs I have watched play in the NFL for the last 10 years, Tebow is one of the closest things I have seen to Elway.  It’s the heart, the excitement, and the will to win.  I would even go so far as to guess that Tebow is one of the biggest reasons Elway came back.  Maybe he sees a little bit of himself in Tebow and wants to take him under his wing.  I guarantee you that Elway, Fox, and Xanders also know how special Tebow is and they WILL give him a chance as the starter at some point to see what he can do.

A quote from Dan Reeves that I will never forget is "When you’ve got #7, anything can happen."  We need a QB like that again.  When the Broncos are playing from behind like they were last week against the Raiders, we need a PLAYMAKER who can get us over the hump to win.  We need a QB that puts fear in the opposing defense instead of giving them free turnovers.  We need a QB that inspires confidence and heart and emotion, not a game manager that leaves you cringing "I hope he doesn’t screw this up again."  We need a QB who makes you stand up and say, "wow, that was amazing".  We need a QB that can bring back that Mile High Magic and LEAD us to a Super Bowl.  Tebow may still have a lot to learn and the Broncos still need to improve as a whole, but I say why wait any longer?  After 10+ years of waiting, the QB we need is finally here and his name is Tim Tebow.

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