New England Curse: Still haunting the Denver Broncos


My old boss use to say “If you hit your head on the wall and it hurts, don’t do it again.”   Every time the Denver Broncos need to fill a roster spot I think about that saying and wonder why Brian Xanders and company continue to hit their heads on the wall with former New England Patriots.  Can they not see we have a "Patriot curse" upon us? Sure we have a good winning percentage against the Patriots on the field but we sure have paid the price in others areas.

The curse started the day the Broncos recruited the whipper snapper Josh McDaniels and his cute little hoodie.   In less than two years, this Belichick wanna-be coach set the Broncos organization back five years if not more.   I mean, who needs Hakeem Nicks, Rey Maualuga, and LeSean McCoy when you can get Robert Ayers, Darcel McBath, Alphonso Smith and Richard Quinn.  That my friends is a curse!   A very nasty curse.

Why deal with Jay Cutler when you can have Matt Cassel, boy did that set off a fire-storm!   Why not get rid of Brandon Marshall because of “character issues” yet draft Perrish Cox and push Spygate II under the rug.

Now pause a moment and think about these great New England players we’ve had the privilege of getting to know (or in many cases-not getting know because they didn’t play).  Jarvis Green was stellar pick up.  2.5 million guaranteed and a 755,000 salary and he never even started a game.

Next we had Ty Law coming out of retirement for 800,000 and a 200,000 signing bonus. He rarely played and had zero impact on the team.

It sure is great hearing the Steve Miller Band singing  “I’m a smoker, I’m a joker, I’m a midnight toker” but its not so great when he is singing about your running back Laurence Maroney who averaged a whopping 2.1 yards per carry and had off the field issues.  Another swell New England pick up.

Every Bronco Fan on the planet knew the Denver Broncos needed a Defensive Tackle in the 2011 draft but apparently the Broncos didn't, they instead chose to find a DT via free agency.  Then some wise cracker had an epiphany about signing another former Patriot Ty Warren.   Never mind that he missed the entire 2010 with hip surgery, never mind that he failed other NFL teams physicals, never mind that he came to camp completely out of shape.   Why must we keep doing this!

I do appreciate the Broncos willingness to take a chance on a former great player but they should have stayed clear of the Patriot curse and passed on Re-run.  Another 2.5 million signing bonus and 1.5 million salary down the drain.

It appears the Broncos have New England programmed on speed dial despite the huge failures of the past. Where was the speed dial when Richard Seymour became available? Instead, they let the only decent former Patriot go to the division rival Oakland Raiders and we have been paying the price on that brilliant move for years.

It seems the Broncos cannot get enough of this ridiculous team and all their rejects.  I say that only because they have been rejected by the Patriots and cut FOR A REASON, yet the Denver Broncos are always first in line for sloppy seconds and willing to spend millions of dollars on them.

Will this wicked curse continue today?  The Broncos recently signed former Patriot Jonathon Wilhite who only started 13 games in three years so don't hold your breath Broncos fans.  In addition, it was reported this week that the Broncos are looking at RB Thomas Clayton who (you're not going to believe this) also played for the Patriots.   When will the madness stop?  No more hitting our head on the wall Broncos, my head hurts!

There have only been a few exceptions that have escaped the Patriot jinx.  Jabar Gaffney earned his paycheck most weeks and gave the Broncos a couple solid years and Lonnie Paxton has also done a descent job.

Hopefully the Patriot curse ends soon.  The Broncos cannot afford any more million dollar investments with little or no return.

Especially those from the New England Patriots!   

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