NFL Weekly Picks (Week 3): Bronco-mojo and Kirk Davis Make Their Picks


The reason for this repost is very simple:

I experienced a moment of brain freeze and  inadvertently posted the wrong team logo on one of bronco-mojo's picks. His original email specified that he had picked  the San Diego Chargers to defeat the Kansas City Chiefs. I somehow managed to put the Chiefs' logo beside his choice. 

Below is the corrected version of Bronco-mojo's picks. As a result of recognizing the correct pick, Bronco-mojo and Kirk Davis tied with a 10-5 record in the Week 3 Picks.

Bronco-mojo, my most sincere apologies for the mistake. I hope that this reposting of the Weekly Picks will help to alleviate any distress that I may have caused you.

Brian Shrout

And now, onto the picks

Readers Staffers
Last Week 13-2 12-3
Season to Date 23-7 18-12




Bronco-mojo: Does anybody in Jacksonville scare you?  Cam is the man again.


Kirk: Cam Newton gets his 1st NFL win.



Bronco-mojo: Miami wins by default.  Cleveland plays, well, like Cleveland.


Kirk: Miami has lost the last three games against Cleveland.


New York Giants@Philadelphia

Bronco-mojo: Upset alert!  Giants see blood and decide to actuallyget excited to play a division rival.


Kirk: A big division rivalry game that usually ends up with the home team winning each year.


Houston@New Orleans

Bronco-mojo: This will be close.  In the end, Brees gets it done.


Kirk: With Arian Foster out, Drew Brees controls this game.



Bronco-mojo: I'm riding this motor city brigade for all it's worth.  A healthy QB and a stout Def used to be what Minnesota had.


Kirk: Despite the studliness of Adrian Peterson, Matt Stafford has a field day at the Metrodome.


San Francisco@Cincinnati

Bronco-mojo: I liked Dalton before the draft.  I still like Dalton.  He's going to go Road House on someone this season.  This might be the game.


Kirk: The Niners are 8-3 all-time against the Bengals.


New England@Buffalo

Bronco-mojo: You can't sneak up on N.E. with an undefeated record.  Too much Brady.


Kirk: Are you kidding me? Tom Brady continues to have the hot hand.


Baltimore@St. Louis

Bronco-mojo: Baltimore was going to beat whoever they played this week.  Sorry St. Louis but, your Arc has too much bend to contend.


Kirk: Baltimore is too much for a rebuilding St. Louis squad.


New York Jets@Oakland

Bronco-mojo: A tough physical game is the last thing you want after flying into Oakland.  This one's won in the trenches.


Kirk: I'm a Raider Hater, Nuff said.


Kansas City@San Diego

Bronco-mojo: I'm just giving this to the home team.  Really, no other reason.  This game will be boring.


Kirk: I'm not going to sugar coat it. The Chargers by two scores.



Bronco-mojo: Boy I wish we still had Seattle in our division.  Arizona's benefit.


Kirk: Pete Carroll is all wet in the Northwest. Kolb to Fitzgerald all day long. 


Atlanta@Tampa Bay

Bronco-mojo: Tough call here.  Tampa's a tough place to play and Atlanta looks vulnerable.  They can't let this one slip away.


Kirk: The best game of the week, IMO. This one could go either way, but I'm sticking with Matty Ice.


Green Bay@Chicago

Bronco-mojo: GB's secondary has got to be lickin' their chops for Cutler(y) Ha.


Kirk: The 2nd best matchup of the week and another divisional game. Chicago plays tough, but the defending champs get the nod.



Bronco-mojo: No brainer on this one.  Collins doesn't make it through the first half.


Kirk: No Peyton, no Colts.



Bronco-mojo: The pain medicine makes Romo a more confident QB.  He makes the plays when it counts in this one.


Kirk: The Cowboys are 17-4 at home against the Redskins since 1990. Washington has the better record and Dallas is the more injured team, but I think this is the upset of the week and the Cowboys prevail.

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