I introduced myself to MHR and you fine folks in late 2008, towards the end of that late season meltdown.   As such, none of you have known me even one day where I haven’t been pretty miserable as a Bronco fan.  Truth be told, I’ve felt this way since 2007. This is my 5th consecutive year as an unhappy Bronco fan. 


Kyle Orton’s play and demeanor continue express the way I feel about my team.  Joyless. 

Some words to describe Orton’s Bronco personality and career include: bitter, detached, unenthusiastic, frustrated, erratic, moody, a mercenary, unhappy and loser.  Am I describing someone you want as your starting QB?  Is that the starting QB that gives your team the best chance to win?  Is that the QB you build or rebuild around?  These are clearly rhetorical questions so Rocko, you don’t need to answer.  Is this all that $8.8MM per year buys EFX?  Is this your “gamer”?   Watching Kyle Orton QB this 2011 Bronco’s offense is a joyless activity for a lot of Bronco fans I know, including myself.       


As I’ve said before, I’m a Bronco for life.  Kyle Orton… Nope.  Like most Bronco fans, I’m with the Broncos til death do us part, but Ort will move on.  And it’s time Ort does.  EFX needs to listen to the fans that will be here in 2012 and beyond and stop codling or propping up our lame-ass, lame duck starting QB that won’t be here one minute past week 17.   It no longer makes sense in the short term or long term to start Orton.  In fact, continuing to start Orton requires EFX put up the Chewbacca defense.       


So I’d like to see Brady Quinn start at QB when we play Green Bay next week.  I’d like to see Tebow as the backup and I’d like to see Orton deactivated and put on the trading block.  Not that anyone would give us anything for Kyle, but it’s the gesture, for the second time in as many months, that really counts (or stings). 


Apparently Brady earned the #2 spot during the preseason and practice.  Fox could sell it to the locker-room as “next man up”.  Perhaps Brady gets it done and perhaps not, but it’s time Quinn get his shot at the Bronco QB job.  McDaniels didn’t deal Quinn a fair hand and Cleveland absolutely blew when he was there.  Maybe Brady will thrive in his 5th NFL season and maybe not, but at this point, it is the right thing to do and do right now. 


Mike “3-page playbook" McCoy may also want to start figuring out ways for Tim Tebow to get some reps at QB in short yardage and goal line situations and Mike will want to run those plays with some frequency at practice. 


Orton bet big on himself and he crapped out.  Tough luck son.   That is going to cost you several million dollars and any shot at long term contract security.  At this point, Orton should be relegated to scout team duty and prevented from poisoning the well any more than he already has.   


And Fox - time to give the ball to that strapping lad from Notre Dame.     

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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