Clock is ticking, Orton

Actually, the clock started 2 years ago at Baltimore. The Broncos were exposed and Orton's tailspin down from "MVP" talks began. He showed us Bronco fans enough in that 6-0 start to actually believe he gives us "the best chance to win". Well, WE'RE NOT WINNING! I'm fed up. That's it. Time for a change. I've backed Orton for 2 years now. I was on the side of letting him play out the final year of his contract and let Tebow sit and develop. Well, after yesterday's game(14 points) I done with it. I have changed sides and turned my back on turnover Orton. The excuse for him was he needs a better defense and better running game. Well guess what, WE need better QB play! He has a legitimate defense this year and nothing has changed! I'm done with the excuses. Any QB would do better with a better defense and a better running game. Peyton Manning won a Super Bowl with the worst run defense in the league. And I would be making more money if only my job would pay me more! Orton has no more excuses....

A sad note that I haven't read anyone else mention......The last time the Broncos had a winning streak was back in 2009! Think about it and soak it in. This is where our storied Broncos have found themselves in. We ARE a laughing stock of the NFL. I don't even have any ammunition to counter with against friends trash talking about our team.


Not sure who mentioned it in the past week, but an announcer stated a starting QB needs to play himself out of the job. Well, how much longer does he need to keep playing? Orton is defeated and he knows it. It's in his head. After he threw that INT at the end of the game, he was shown on the sideline telling Champ how "wide open" Decker was. Like he was trying to appease his latest blunder. Oh, and that sad attempt at a scramble where he was tackled on the sideline. He actually fumbled the ball. Luckily it rolled out of bounds. Even Orton gets lucky once in a while, but what an uproar that would have brought.

Ball security was once one of his strengths. Not this year. I'm surprised no one has brought this up, but am I the only one that notices Kyle having so many tipped passes at the line of scrimmage? I started noticing it in the preseason and realized it happened about 3 times a game? Is he too stubborn to accept the fact that the 6'3" 300lb DL standing right in front of him might try to bat the ball down? QB's need to be able to maneuver into a clear throwing lane. Doug Flutie HAD to do it EVERY single time he threw a pass. Not Orton, tipped passes shouldn't count towards his production because it's not his fault if it gets intercepted and loses the game. He did his part, the defense just made a great play I guess. Or Decker should have broken up the pass.

I was behind the Orton train throughout the preseason. Even after the first loss, I defended him. That's all gone now. I'm a turncoat! It's starting to backfire on him for believing he was the top QB available during the off season. I couldn't understand why he thought he was so "entitled" to a big multi-year contract with the next team. Now he's playing it out and is failing miserably. He would have been a starter for Miami. Now he's looking at getting a backup contract after the season. And he can already rule out Denver as one of those potential employers.

I've been pushed over the edge, and I'm praying to Tebow to save me.(pun intended). Say what you will. He puts points on the board. Orton and his years of experience have produced squat for us this year. Again, I have to reiterate that I truly believed he should be the starting QB. After another game of scoring in the teens, that was the last straw. I still believe Fox is a Tebow believer. Fox took his time to meet with him during the draft process. Though he may not have viewed Tim as a first rounder, he still had interest. And he even leaked that he wanted "a gamer"! Subliminal message to the fans?

That leads me to an unsolved mystery. Why is Tebow still not starting? Is it financial? Is it because Tebow's contract doubles and triples with certain incentives. His current contract is around $11.25 million for 5 years which doubles if he starts 55% of the games in the next two years. So make it $22.5M for 5 years. That's $4.5M a year for our starting QB. In today's standard, that is a steal for a starter. The other incentive brings his contract up to $33M if he reaches the playoffs MULTIPLE times and reaches honors such as NFL MVP and Super Bowl MVP! That breaks out to $6.6M a year for an ELITE QB! That's like shopping at Walmart compared to Peyton Manning and his 69M for the first 3 years of his new contract!!! And that's with just 1 Super Bowl.......Now is it financial? VERY sad if it's true....Is Fox being strong armed into starting Orton?

Oh, and does anyone have the link to where I can donate to put up these fancy new billboards? Which I thought was just ludicrous after just week 1. My how things have changed!

Well I'm fed up and I'm done. Until next week's rant.

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