Hey EFX: Please tell me just how this strategy helps OUR team?

Part of me is wondering just what devious plan is afoot behind all those transparent folks locked up in their offices (you know, the Front Office).  At first I listened intently as I was told about how it's okay to sit a skilled position player behind those who will guide him, mentor him, tutor him to learn his craft and trade.  I said okay.

Next I was told about how in practice, and in meaningless exhibition games the skilled tutor was miles apart from the young apprentice.  But wait I said, what about last year?  Not only those three games where excitement, enthusiasm, and down right roaring came back to the stands, but what about all those short yardage bursts and the ensuing touchdowns that came with them?  Where those not good?  NO we were told, those were not good.  But didn't they confuse the other teams defense and coaching?  NO they did not, they only confused you.  So I said okay.

So now I ask, if we don't score points (or at least more than the other team) how can we win?  We win by shoving the ball down their throat several times in a row we were told.  In fact, and here's where we're so manly, we damn near told the defense that's what we're going to do, just to make a game of it.  But, I ask, if we put in a few plays with a running qb doesn't that open up the field slightly and keep those helicoptering linebackers a bit more honest (to say nothing of the fact that this running qb might even roll out and throw the ball)?  For this I am told I am not a good fan.  So now I say that is not okay.

We fans are fans for one reason, we enjoy and are entertained by watching football.  It so happens that some of us like to assemble regularly and watch Bronco's football, but it's really the same in other geographic locations around our country.  Right now, given the state of our economy, many of us fans are having to make choices we are unaccustomed to making; that is, do we do without something we usually have or do we do without some aspect of football (tickets, souvenirs, etc.)?  Alienating your fan base is not good business, nor does giving them less of a show (anyone remember Ishtar, or anything with JLo in it?) entice us to being repeat customers to a boring spectacle.  You let slip (ah, that transparency thing again) that our new qb has a clause that pays him a lot more money if he takes too many snaps.  Really?  How much money do you expect to lose running another lofty season of maybe 3 and whatever?  How much money do you lose running the franchise into the ground?  How many TV views do you lose because no one else outside of CO has any interest in watching this team perform for a Coach that seems to live in 1964?  What are we doing? Hazing?  Is detention next for those of us who dare to complain about how are all too hard to come by dollars are spent?

Call me crazy but I now believe in explosive evolution; not the kind that transforms a super nova into a pulsar; no, the kind that makes a FOX into an OSTRICH.  Pull your head out of the sand and try, just try to win more games than you garnered last year (and who among us could have turned in such a miserable yearly performance and then gotten PROMOTED?).

Football is like a chess game (okay, maybe checkers for you FOXIE), even if you don't intend to use your secret (maybe double secret) weapon in the red zone, why would you broadcast it to every other team (and DC) in the League?  

If anything, please treat us the way we've gotten long used to: LIE TO US!!!  Then we'll be happy again.


This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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