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Hey Broncos Country, haven't been posting for a while been busy with school and work but been on this site reading every day and i got to say this orton/tebow thing has really taken too much attention away from how good our defense is playing.  I mean no champ dj or doom, if i had said that any of the past three years it was a guaranteed 30+ point game for opposing offenses, but not this Dennis Allen coached team.  Before i give my brief bid on the qb controversy i think a few players need some shout-outs from the past few games.

Jason Hunter

Havent heard much from anybody talking about this guys performance lately but damn have i been impressed with his ability to stop the run and set the edge.  He had a sack week 2 but the pressure hasnt really consistently been there.  But if he can set the edge, contain and shed blockers in the run game i really dont see why this guy wouldnt play above Doom on at least first down.  Doom is a leader on this team but until he proves to consistently stop the run i dont see why hunter isnt seeing more time on run downs.  I include Robert Ayers here, pass rush hasnt been great  but keep playing that smart physical tough football Robert, sacks will come.

Broderick Bunkley

I cant lie, Im loving me some Bunk, the dude is kicking @ss and taking names.  Keep it up Bunk, help from Marcus Thomas will come soon.  I think if this guy keeps it up he is something to definitely build on at the DT position.  I was pretty terrified about our DT situation this offseason, but this guy is something we can build something decent around.  I think Marcus Thomas will play much better in this scheme as well, he is powerful and has a great jump off the snap that should suit him better in his natural 4-3 dt positioning.

Joe Mays

For all the terrible moves McDaniels made, specifically the 09 draft.  Guys like Hunter, Mays and even Vick have been very solid pickups for this defense.  Mays has struggled a little bit in coverage yes, but Dj will be back this week and him and Woodyard will provide plenty of speed in our nickle packages and will allow more rushing from Von and the return of Doom.  Mays has been terrific in run stoppage.  Hes plugged the middle very well and while he has made a few bonehead sort of plays and whiffs, mays sets a physical tone that i am satisfied with.  A lot talk about drafting an ilb early next year, i think CB RB and OL DL are much more important to attack next season.  Keep it up Joe.


I havent been posting for a while so im trying to get a lot in at once, so now to the main event.  What to do at qb, here is my only possible explanation from EFX to keep starting Orton.

I have to believe that they are only not playing Tebow in an effort to  fix his mechanics and ability to read defenses and become a better pocket passer.  I think EFX has plans for Tebow to be the starter in the future but feel his development will improve practicing and watching film instead of playing.  Plugging in Tebow now if he hasnt fully developed is honestly something i dont agree with.  I hope Tebow is the qb of the future, this kid comes from a history and system of nothing but winning.  The only thing that matters.  The kid is a born winner i cant tell you how much time i wasted on youtube recently looking at his motivational and just inspiring videos from his workouts to his past at Florida.  He is all that Orton is not and something this team has lacked for a while, heart.  He will push this team so hard and is entirely devoted to nothing but winning.  With that being said, i think they dont feel Tim is prepared yet and truly needs this whole season to sit and learn and then come in next offseason as the starting qb and lead all the OTA's and training camp 2012.  Broncos fans, you guys have to believe that the only reason Tebow isnt playing is because he is in a developmental phase and is the qb of the future.  I wish EFX could just come out and say that but they wont because they feed us the BS of "the best chance to win" which isnt true on any account even with Tebow developing.

So with that said i believe we need to start Brady quinn week 7 at Miami.  Face it, Quinn doesnt really have a future here but he may have a good future in this league.  He has not been givin a fair shot here, Orton has.  I love the way this team is shaping up to be honest, defense looks awesome, O line is steadily improving and we have plenty of weapons of offense, but this team isnt going anywhere this year. Quinn had struggled in the pre-season but he was playing behind a god awful o-line and with mostly other second and third teamers.  So right now if i could have my way i would dump orton for a 3rd round pick hopefully if were lucky, and fill in BQ as Denver starter.  See what he can do and if he plays well maybe even franchise and trade him, then hand the reigns over to 15.  We know what Orton can do, nothing, ,lets actually try to see what we got for giving up Hillis.  Nobody said rebuilding was easy, but be patience Bronco fans, Tebow has to be the qb of the future or i have my doubts in EFX.


This is our guy, be happy Bronco Country.

Tim Tebow Puts His Body To The Test - A Look At The Broncos QB's Intense Training (via ESPN)

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