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You all know me around here, except for those of you who are new.  Just like a lot of you, I make little comments here or there and rarely post.  Most of the time, they aren't very logical, or perhaps are just snippets of humor.  Sometimes people get the joke, othertimes it may be ill timed, what can I say?!


Anywho, I wanted to discuss something that has never been discussed on this site.  And NO, it's not another quarterback subject.


This has to do with parenthood, and football, of course.


Follow me after the jump, and we'll see where this dumb post takes us!  :)

Now... is it just me, or do more 9 year old boys have breasts?   My wife and I were at a block party over the weekend with a bunch of alcoholic family members and friends that were drunk on their Bears beverages.  I'm not sure what Bears fans drink, but it's not Kool-Aid.  Living in Chicagoland, you would think I would know, but not really liking to hang around Bears fans, I haven't figured that one out as of yet.

Anyways, a 9 year old kid came looking for my brother-n-law's daughter to hang out with.  This kid was an easy B Cup.  I looked at a buddy of mine and said "did that kid have boobs?"  He just responded with, "Thats how they come these days".


I remember as a kid running, playing outdoors.  Most of the time I would get the neighborhood kids together for a game of tackle football, or even baseball.  Instead of asking the kids, "What do you want to play this spring/fall", parent's are now asking "do you want a cheeseburger or chicken nuggits with that happy meal?"  What is wrong with this picture.


Parents get off your lazy butts and put your boys in pads!  Make them run, kick them out of the house and quit letting them play Madden.  Stick a pigskin in their hands rather than a controller!  Put them in sports - I don't care if you go broke doing it.  It will teach them teamwork, focus, commodore, patience and give them some goals in life.  Madden will rot their brains and let their ambition go out the window.  Their ambition will turn into "I just wanna go home and play video games!"


As a kid, we went to McDonalds (or some place similar) about once a year.  My dad would ask me all the time what us kids wanted from McDonalds everytime we passed, and we'd shout out our orders.  Then as we drove past it he'd say "Wave at it!".  While I hated it at the time, now I look back and laugh.  Instead of spending $50 a month on fast food, he pocketed that money he saved and stuck us in sports.  Sports teach us life long lessons, being a fat kid will only get you harassed by others, and many, become depressed for the majority of their lives.


It both saddens me and makes me sick to see a kid like this, and I cannot blame the kids.  Just because the kids whine and want something doesn't mean you cannot say no.  Be the quarterback of your home, don't just be a fan.


Thanks for taking time to read this rant.  Hopefully most of you will agree.

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