Fantasy vs. Reality


I'd be curious to know how many people on this site watch reality TV.  Not only reality TV, but the kind of reality TV where the audience has to cast a vote.  I personally can't stand reality TV.  I'm probably one of few people alive that hasn't seen a single episode of American Idol, Survivor, Jersey Shore, and (insert whatever lame reality show here).  Having said that, I do watch one reality TV show "TopShot", which is an awesome show that is actually based on reality…people's skills.


What does this have to do with the Broncos?  Glad I asked...


In this brave new world of HDTV, it seems as though people have mistaken the NFL for reality TV.  We watch the games with incredible clarity.  We have fantasy football teams where we get to flex our GM and Coach muscles.  We have more and more access to the game and players. Our generation feels more knowledgeable and connected to our favorite sports more than any other.  We have instant access to other people around the world in which we congregate to share our opinions, ideas, and whatever evidence we can tabulate that supports them.  But alas, this is just fantasy.  And reality sets in.


Somehow, someway, our voices aren't dictating anything.  Because in reality, this entitlement we feel towards said sports team is in fact a misguided fantasy.  The lines between fantasy and reality...between reality TV and professional sports have been blurred. 


We as fans absolutely have the right to voice and express our opinions.  We can cheer and we can boo.  We also have a DUTY to our team.  Most NFL teams prefer to not have any players that cause disruptions to the team, on or off the field.  More times than not, most teams try to rid themselves of the "locker room cancer".  They don't want to have to deal with all the questions that don’t pertain to the task at hand.  That DUTY we as fans have to our team is to not be the locker room cancer. 


I think that's what this fan base (excluding me of course) has become, the locker room cancer.  We aren't doing everything we can off the field to allow them to focus on the task at hand.  And it's only week 3. 


No matter how many polls we click on, no matter how many posts we write, no matter how many comments we make, no matter how many billboards we put up, OUR VOTES DON'T COUNT!  This isn't reality TV.  John Fox isn't going to listen to us, and he sure has hell shouldn't. 


They have a plan.  And I for one WILL sit back and let them execute it.  I will support my team and its coaches and not feel entitled to dictate what goes on.  For every person out there that argues (insert lame reason here) is the reason the Broncos lost, I would counter that the whining fan base taking away the focus of our team and being a locker room cancer is the reason why.  And you know what?  Prove me wrong. 


Everyone out there in Bronco Country that disagrees with me, that’s pissing and moaning, crying and whining…shut the f#ck up for the rest of the season and let’s see how the season goes.  Is there another team’s fan base out there that’s more annoying than ours right now?  Are we the only fan base that thinks we get to text in our vote to see who starts and who sits each week?  This isn’t reality TV folks.  It’s reality.  Come back down to it! 

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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