Broncos vs. Packers Prediction

Hello Broncos fans!  You may or may not remember me from last week when I posted Tebow IS the right choice for QB.  In the comments section, I made my prediction of what I thought was going to happen against the Titans.  In case you missed it, I've included below:

The broncos are going to seriously have their hands full against Tenessee. The Titans have a very tough defense thats going to shut down the running game, they have a much improved passing game with hasselbeck and britt, and they have one of the best RBs in the league who has a good chance to break out this weekend. If the broncos are somehow able to go toe-to-toe for 3 quarters and keep it close, the only way i can see them winning this game is with exceptional QB play and i just don’t think it’s gonna happen. If it does, trust me i will be ESTATIC! But if, im sorry WHEN orton makes another critial turnover or failed 3rd down attempt late in the game i will be cursing even worse and ill be back on here sunday afternoon to tell you "i told you so"

So I wasn't 100% correct on everything (CJ breaking out) but I'd say I was pretty darn close.  I thought I'd give it another shot this week with a more detailed prediction of Sunday's matchup against Green Bay.  Check it out after the jump. 

1st Half

The Broncos defense will look good at first, providing some stops against the high powered Packers offense, but they won't be able to stop them for the entire first half as GB will score at least 7-14 points off a few Bronco turnovers, most likely 1-2 Orton int's.  For the most part, Denver's offense will look dull and ineffective as usual but they should be able to put together at least 1 to 2 scoring drives, probably due to a great kick return or a Packers turnover deep in their own territory.

Halftime score prediction: Packers 20, Broncos 6

2nd Half

In the 3rd quarter, Denver's offense will heat it up, putting together at least 1 solid TD drive and they'll close the gap to within a score.  We'll all get excited thinking they might pull out the upset but Aaron Rodgers won't be held down for long as he leads GB to at least another TD or two.  A costly Orton interception in the 4th quarter will seal the win for Green Bay when they take a commanding 3 score lead.  Orton will then pad his stats in garbage time as he leads Denver to a late meaningless TD.

Final score prediction: Packers 34, Broncos 20

Final stats predictions:

Orton: 21 of 37, 322 yards, 2 TDs, 3 INT's
McGahee: 16 carries for 43 yards, 1 catch for 6 yards
Moreno: 6 carries for 18 yards, 3 catches for 24 yards
Lloyd: 5 catches for 86 yards, 1 TD
Decker: 7 catches for 78 yards, 1 TD

Wild Card Prediction: Tim Tebow will finally see the field as the QB for the Broncos, most likely in a short yardage situation where they'll use him as a decoy to hand off to McGahee.

Of couse anything can happen but the only way I can really see Denver winning this game is if they force a few early turnovers and go up at least 14-20 points in the first half. They will have to get the running game going to keep Aaron Rodgers off the field and Orton will have to play mistake free football. I'm sorry but I just don't see it happening.

In any case, here's to always seeing the glass half full...


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