The RETURN of the Bikini Thread: Chiefs Week #2



This Bikini Thread is a throwback to some early MHR days. When I first began lurking on MHR in 2006, these things were common gameday occurrences. There is something about the form of a nice looking human being that can bring all fans together, no matter your team, no matter whether you are a Tebowmaniac, a skeptic, a guy who wants to lose for a higher draft pick, or a person who just wants to win a MF'n game. It's just good, all-American fun!

The idea is to post a picture of a beautiful lady (or a guy, if that's your thing) in a swimsuit or some derivative that has to do with the Broncos or their opponent this week, or the game itself.

Here's how, for those of you new to the extra-cool features of MHR's comments section:

1. Open a new tab in your browser and find the pic you would like to post.

2. Right-click on the pic, and copy the image address. This is the key. You have to right click, not just copy the web address from the browser bar. If you copy from the browser bar, your picture will end up looking like a tiny blue box with a white question mark in it, instead of looking like a gorgeous football fan.

3. Return to your MHR tab, and begin as if you were going to post a comment.

4. with the cursor in the main body content window of the comment entry box, click the little picture icon.

5. a box will pop up, asking you to enter the URL of the image you would like to display. Go ahead an click in the entry box where "http://" is highlighted, and paste the address you copied earlier in step 2.

6. click OK.

7. You can then type whatever captions or comments you want, just don't mess with the jibberish-looking code that contains your picture URL.

8. Click "post." Your comment should post, and the picture should be visible.

Now that THAT is out of the way...

There are a few things we must get straight, however. I love the bikini threads. I want them to stay this time. PLEASE keep in mind this is a family oriented site. If things get out of control, meaning the pictures get borderline pornographic, this thread will go away again. That's what happened last time. PLEASE keep it clean. I submit to you three standards:

Green light - think Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Mostly tastefully done. Post pics like this all day. It's fine.

Yellow light: - think Maxim or those hot rod magazines with women splayed about on the hoods of fast cars, where the tops are just little triangles that cover only the smallest part and leave very little to the imagination. Be tasteful, please.

Red light - think Playboy and beyond. NO NUDITY (not even a little nipple slip), and NO SEXUAL SYMBOLISM (i.e., don't post a pic of a woman in a sheer thong trying to eat an entire banana in a single bite). And the Naked Tebowing picture is a NO NO on this thread. Resist the urge.

We're not trying to objectify women here. Also, keep in mind the number of ladies we have represented on this site, who are well-respected members of this community. If they would like to post a picture of a guy, fair is fair. Don't make rude comments (I wouldn't expect that out of this site anyway).

Thus, I invite you to the resumption of the Bikini thread. Have fun!

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