Coaches Corner: Mike McCoy is a FREAKING IDIOT!


As a PROFESSIONAL COACH in the same industry as Mike McCoy, I have never been so DISGUSTED in a fellow coach as he called plays today. The guy is DISGRACE and I will tell you why.

Follow me after the jump!....

Man, I am not trying tot be a smart ass, but I will tell you how is it. NFL is like any other sport at the ELITE level, its not about X's and O's....all these guys that make the NFL know how to play. They get it. They are ALL better players than ANY of the coaches they play under.

So you cats know, I coach snowboarding. I have LOTS of X Games athletes, Olympians ( including a BRONZE medalist and the YOUNGEST ever to make the Olympics) so I think, sorry, I know, what I am speaking about. I will never snowboard as well as they do. Flat out, I effing suck...hahaha.....but I have dealt with as many elite athletes as Mike McCoy ever has. Shit man, I am older than the guy, so I am going to tell it as I see it.

Mike McCoy is a STRAIGHT UP disgrace to athletic coaches. He could not have called a worse game, as it pertains to setting your athletes up for success, as what he did today. He showed NO belief, NO thinking outside the box and no FAITH in his whole squad.

He played not to lose, was scared to make calls, sold out his QB, WR's. his fact his WHOLE FREAKIN' TEAM with his conservative, I don't want lose BS mentality>

Here are a couple of things to consider:

  1. TRUST YOUR ATHLETES TO STEP UP: At an elite coach level, you are not teaching your guys basic, freaking athletic skills. You are teaching them to understand the NUANCES of the game, what works and what does not. Its about giving them a STAKEHOLD in THEIR careers and decisions. McCoy, from what we have all seen, does not do this. he NEVER trust his team, and he plays not to lose. He relies on the OPPOSITION to make mistakes, and not on his on team to make plays and decisions to WIN games. He NEVER puts the game in the hands of his team to MAKE decisions to WIN games. he hopes on mistakes from others, rather than trusting his team. Here is a little gem: Control the stuff you have effect on, and dont worry about the things you have no control on. Rocket science, right?
  2. GIVE YOUR ATHLETES BUY IN: At an an elite level, it aint a DO WHAT I SAY deal. Its about partnership. DOEs anyone really think TT, Decker, DT wanted to run it EVERY freaking play?
  3. DONT BE SO ARROGANT THAT YOU THINK YOU KNOW MORE THAN EVERYONE ELSE: McCoy's whole deal today was like that of Herman Boone from Remember the Titans: It will eventually work! The difference, it aint High School ball. The play calling was arrogant and stupid!
  4. SHOW YOUR ATHLETES YOU TRUST THEM: Today, I would have rather lost with Tebow and the offense developong than relying on some one else messing up. McCoy set this young offense back a year. he did not trust them, he never gave them a chance to step up to plate, and this team will come out worse next game. It was pathetic coaching, pathetic strategy and showed how BAD McCoy is as a LEADER for the Denver Broncos. This was a massive step backwards for the team, and will be a hangover that this team, and in particular, Tim Tebow, will struggle to overcome!
  5. SHOW SOME BALLS: You want to be a good coach, think outside the freaking box. McCoy is a COWARD...he set his team up for failure!
  6. KNOW YOUR ATHLETES: Hey guys, I am not a NFL expert, but I also know from watching, that Tebow and the young offense, is a FLOW team. They need to have their coaches BACK them. They need to find rhythm! McCoy has no CLUE. He sets them up for failure. He deigns game plans based on negativity and no long term game plan. He does not get the flow of the game, nor hat makes his guys tick. Frankly, I would never employ him. He has no idea about what makes his athletes tick! Before your guys care to know what you know, they need to know that you care. McCoy, to me, seems clueless to this.

Anyway, I could go on and on. I think that he is the biggest reason why our young guys are not developing. These young guys are all GREAT athletes, but yet, he has not set them up for success. Today game against KC was a disgrace. Our D played great, Orton did nothing, yet McCoy kept calling plays that my wife knew was coming.

At the moment, I want to punch McCoy in the mouth. He is clueless, devoid of feel for his sport, and does not trust his guys.


Wonder why our offense looks so bad.

McCoy has NO clue, needs ot go, and is the MAJOR reason what is holding back this team!

I would never employ him. Hes just a PLAIN bad coach and mentor!


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