Something bothers me, and it's not Tebow or the Chiefs.

Alright, it's two things.

One Champ Bailey today, he locked down Dwayne Bowe last time we faced them. Today Bowe was working him until the injury. I know Bailey has lost a slight step but is this a sign of things to come or just a crappy game, I don't know.

Two the lack of interceptions our team has acquired. I know we have a pass rush, hell it's nicknamed VonDoom, so it's not as if we can't get pressure on the quarterback. Our secondary has a rookie safety and mediocre corner in it, but we also have Champ and Dawkins who are pro bowl players. So it's not as if our secondary is really that bad. We also played some quarterbacks who were genuinely awful and didn't rack up the interceptions. It's really puzzling to me. Looking at the quarterbacks we played and the amount of interceptions game by game is rather sporadic too.

1. Jason Campbell. 13/22 105 Yds 1 Td 0 Int

2. Andy Dalton. 27/41 332 Yds 2 Td 0 Int

3. Matt Hasslebeck. 27/36 311 Yds 2 Td 0 Int

4. Aaron Rodgers. 29/38 408 Yds 4 Td 1 Rushing Td 1 Int Matt Flynn 0/1 0 Yds 0 Td 1 Int

5. Philip Rivers. 18/29 250 Yds 1 Td 1 Int

6. Matt Moore. 22/33 197 Yds 1 Td 0 Int

7. Matthew Stafford. 21/30 267 Yds 3 Td 0 Int Shaun Hill. 1/2 5 Yds 0 Td 0 Int

8. Carson Palmer. 19/35 332 Yds 3 Td 3 Int

9. Matt Cassel. 13/28 93 Yds 1 Td 0 Int Tyler Palko. 5/6 47 Yds 0 Td 0 Int

10. Mark Sanchez. 24/40 252 Yds 0 Td 1 Int

11. Philip Rivers. 19/36 188 Yds 1 Td 0 Int

12. Christian Ponder. 29/47 381 Yds 3 Td 2 Int Joe Webb. 1/1 8 Yds 0 Td 0 Int

13. Caleb Hanie. 12/19 115 Yds 0 Td 0 Int

14. Tom Brady. 23/34 320 Yds 2 Td 0 Int

15. Ryan Fitzpatrick. 15/27 196 Yds 0 Td 0 Int

16. Kyle Orton. 15/29 180 Yds 0 Td 0 Int

So out of the 16 games we played, ELEVEN of them did not see the Broncos snagging one interception. Out of the eleven games there were quarterbacks who everyone thought we'd 100% be able to create turnovers with. Those were Jason Campbell, Andy Dalton, Matt Hasslebeck, Matt Moore, the Matt Cassel/ Tyler Palko duo, Philip Rivers the second time, Caleb Hanie, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Kyle Orton. Wow, we didn't intercept one of these guys. To me 6 of this list should have been turnover bait that our secondary was licking their chops imagining facing them, but we didn't.

Rahim Moore was a touted ball hawk, Champ Bailey's a beast, Andre Goodman should have some sort of veteran knowledge to be able to bait a quarterback, Dawkins is weapon X, Carter is not bad, and Chris Harris is an up and coming stud. How were these guys not able to intercept these quarterbacks? Like Caleb Hanie for instance, he's turnover bait and led his team to a lead over us until we Tebowed the Bears. I know at least 3 or 4 interceptions slipped out of our guys hands but come on now why is our turnover rate so low? Every game I'm on the MHR game threads and I see people say, "well we're due for a turnover", or "Fitzpatrick's due for an interception any time soon" and I agree with them. It doesn't happen though, and I don't get it. Can anyone explain to me what's going on, and why Dennis Allen's supposedly ball hawking aggressive turnover prone defense is being the exact opposite?

Happy New Year and Go Broncos! Superbowl till we ain't!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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