My $.02 for today's game

I have a few observations from today's game that I wanted to share with you all.

1. QB Play - I'll start with this since I have the most to talk about. Tim Tebow did not have a good all. I don't think he had a lot of help from his coaches (wait for it), but I didn't see any improvement in his play. Unfortunately, I think I saw regression today. He was not the field general we've seen in previously. His cadence didn't seem confident (which is hard to gauge on a TV) and it didn't look like he was seeing the defense well. I don't remember seeing any adjustments during or before the cadence, which tells me that Tebow was just a YES-man at the position. The reason I am calling out Tebow first (and not the coaching), is because there were several plays that had huge potential for both yards and points...or even a good first down, that he just flat missed. It doesn't bother me when Tebow misses (as a safe play) a well-covered receiver, but when a big potential play is called and guys are running down the field wide open (I think I remember 2 or 3...which would have made the difference in the game), our QB needs to connect. It also looked like he was retreating in the pocket (happy feet) as a result of being slow with his reads. I think that man coverage makes it harder for a read-progression, but it was slow today, straight-up. I am a Tebow-guy, but today sucked for him.

2. Chris Kuper injury - Horrible. One of the nastiest injuries I've ever seen (yeah, saw the whooooooole thing). He is a staple on our line, and I'm very sad about the loss. I hope he can return to form and have a great career for the Broncos.

3. Tackling improved. It's much easier to stop the opposing offense when you can tackle their players.

4. Coaching and play calling. My biggest beef was the punt at the end of the 1st half. Prater is a good kicker, so let him bomb one to get rid of the goose egg going into half! Were our coaches really that scared of giving Kyle Orton and the Chefs the ball back??? It's hard to dispute the game plan and play calling when we are destroying the ground, but the run game should be setting up other screens and TE seem-routes. Why do we not use our TE's??? Did we attempt a screen pass today??? I like John Fox's conservative mantra, but I think we have more plays in the playbook than what we saw today.

5. Von Miller. He is a rookie and blew some assignments today. When he becomes a complete outside linebacker he will be one of the greatest defensive players of all time, but today was not his day.

6. Playoffs. Yes, we're in the playoffs. Strangely I feel more confident against the Steelers and dirt bag ben than I did against the Chefs. Everybody is 0-0 now, anything could happen.

I'm happy about our newest banner - 2011 AFC West Champs, but today's game was pretty crappy. Yes, I ripped Tebow more than anyone/anything in this post, but deservedly so. Yes, I want Tebow to be "the guy." Yes, I want the Broncos to destroy Steelers.

Happy New Year!!!

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