Edit: I wrote this post under the impression that McDaniels was hired on in NE after We defeated the Steelers. As I now know, this was not the case. They had been in preliminary talks prior to the playoffs. While my main point was that this is unethical, I was also simply trying to interject some humor as well. It would be different if they had hired him, only after We beat the Steelers. This is not the case, but all of the following is the original post.

I am having a hard time coping with McDaniels going back to New England.

Every one knows how ridiculous this is. I don't have a problem with him 'knowing Our players'. You can learn all you need about them, by watching game film. That's legit and logical. The problem I have, is I think McCoy's playbook is likely approximately 60% from McDaniel's playbook while he was here. Let's delve, shall We?

Remember, many moons ago, when Josh McDaniels, as Our head coach, proclaimed that he was going to bring stuff "The NFL has never seen before"? It is my presumption that he was talking about Tebow, and likely at least partly, running the option. There could have been more to it, than just that, We'll never know. There were positive things Josh did for and brought to this team, and there were negatives - We all know all about those (some tend to ignore positives, some are viewed as McDaniels 'apologists' just because they don't hate the guy) - That is not what this post is about. Please don't comment about what good or bad he did for Our franchise. We've been over it too thoroughly and no one here is going to change any one else here's opinion on this subject. Thank you. Now....

It's one thing to hire the guy to garner some familiarity about the staff and players. It's an entirely different thing, if my feeling is true. In that the Patriots grabbed Josh up, to work with their defense. That's right. It should be obvious, he wrote probably half of Our playbook.

So they hire him to go over Broncos film with the Patriot's D, and identify the plays, formations and wrinkles of each. That makes perfect sense. It is far from fair, and even further from true sportsmanship. I mean, they beat Us once already, are they really that unsure about their team?

What a bunch of hacks! I can't describe in words, how unsportsmanlike this seems.

I just don't believe they feel that they need more of an edge against Us. I guess I'll just have to look at it as they're freaking really scared of Our team. So much so, that they'll do anything they can to get an extra edge. I just don't see how game film of your opposing team isn't enough anymore. Now it's pay off the officials, hire their ex-coach (or ex-QB - yeah you KC, ha ha), and film their practices... What else?

I wonder if ol' Bill's hired some satellites to view team's practices all the time, and that's why he hasn't got caught again, there are no cameras, it's all from satellite footage. No way to get caught. I don't know. All I know is I'm remembering it this way: The Patriots are intimidated by Our Broncos.

Remembering it that way, I can have a huge smile on my face all week, looking forward to this game. The team We're facing is any combination of; scared of Us, intimidated by Us, unsure of themselves, unsure of their ability against Our team.... Any or all of these... It actually makes me more confident going into Saturday. That's a good feeling, isn't it?

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