The Tebow Effect: Rah Rah and the 'Ol College Try

Hey, just read a really neat and insightful article on It hit on just what is "going on" with the Broncos since Tebow became the starter. Here's the link and then I have some comments below.

Go ahead, make fun of Tebow's corny enthusiasm; it works for the Broncos

I couldn't agree more with this writer: watching Tebow and the Broncos is watching football as it's meant to be played, the way we enjoyed it most when we were kids, before the too often jaded "business" of it took over. Don't get me wrong; I'm impressed with the NFL as a business. It's fascinating to see how it has evolved and grown and become the monster sports league that it is.

And yet...

And yet, it's my opinion that something has been lost along the way. That something is the "corny enthusiasm," "rah rah," "'ol college try," "old school" passion that has been the lifeblood of the game. That's what Tebow and the Broncos have come to represent and I think it's a big part of what is drawing in all kinds of people, including the sick-of-the-same-old-crap fans, the I-forgot-just-how-cool-it-is fans, the "You mean I should pay attention before the Super Bowl?" fans, and more.

Yeah, die-hard fans like us would be paying attention and happy with the Broncos for bringing back this almost retro sparkle to the game no matter what, but there's a reason that the Denver-Pittsburgh game was the most-watched telecast since last year's Super Bowl. I mean, is that unbelievable or what? Clearly, we aren't the only ones loving what we see.

Suddenly, the NFL is fun again, not just gaudy and technically perfect. It's a pleasure to watch in the way college football (at its best) is. Crazy, nutty, make you stand up and roar stuff.

So, it's refreshing to see a sports writer take a discerning look at our team and its QB and actually put his finger on something significant not just to the Broncos, but to the league.

I also found his argument about why Orton was released and Lloyd traded very interesting indeed. If that's what motivated Elway and Fox to make those moves, they were being quite shrewd in recognizing what going with Tebow would require in terms of buy-in by everybody on the team and the importance of foreclosing a problem before it could start. In my mind, I have been very suspicious about both Elway's and Fox's motives regarding Tebow until the past few weeks, so I have to commend them here. Assuming this writer has gotten it right, of course...

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