Madden Predictions, Divisional Week

Hell yeah boys and girls! We are in the divisional round of the playoffs! This is the most fun I have had as a Bronco fan since the 1999 postseason. Even the run to the AFC Championship in '05 doesn't come close. If you had told me before the season started that we would be in the divisional round after beating the Steelers on Wild Card weekend, I would have told you you were out of your mind. Then I would have asked you where I could get some of that Kool-Aid you were drinking. But, here we are, with a chance to beat Brady and the Cheatriots in a grudge match for the right to go to the AFC Championship! Join me after the jump while I recap last week's Madden Prediction.

Madden Prediction, Wild Card Week

Play through: Denver 24, Pittsburgh 0

Sim Average: Pittsburgh 11, Denver 5

Actual result: Denver 29, Pittsburgh 23, OT

This game gave me goose bumps. I watched from home, and when Thomas ran to the endzone to end it, I was delirious, screaming at the top of my lungs. My wife was looking at me like I was out of my mind and my two-year-old and one-year-old were imitating me, running through the house shrieking. They had no idea why I was screaming, but they thought it was fun, so they joined in. I'm a little surprised the neighbors didn't call the cops, it got so loud. But I digress. Turns out, neither the play through from last week, nor the sim average was accurate, but at least the play through got the winner right!

And now for this week's prediction.

Final Score: Denver 13, New England 7

This was the first time I was doing my play through, and during it, it felt almost like I was watching a game live. I was yelling at the TV, swearing at the refs and groaning with some of the play calls. And yes, I know that since I was the one making the play calls, this would tend to indicate that I may be a little unstable. I wonder, if you overdose on Kool-Aid, is it toxic? Damn, there I go on another tangent. Focus, Jonny boy, focus! Alright, I'm better. Back to the prediction.

This game was fun to play. The defense kept the pressure on Brady all game and didn't allow the Pats to convert a third down until the fourth quarter. The Broncos led 13-0 going into the fourth and it looked all good. Things got a little tense late though, as Brady threw for a late TD and the Pats defense got the ball back with under 2 minutes to play. Brady drove them down the field into the Denver red zone, where Joe Mays made the only good play he made all day and intercepted a pass at the nine yard line with 23 seconds left to play. One kneel down from Tebow later, and it was all over.

Relevant stats


Denver - T. Tebow - 8/18, 134 YDS, 1 TD, 1 INT

New England - T. Brady - 20/29, 173 YDS, 1 TD, 2 INTs


Denver - W. McGahee - 17 ATT, 66 YDS

T. Tebow - 2 ATT, 17 YDS

New England - B. Green-Ellis - 12 ATT, 23 YDS


Denver - D. Thomas - 3 REC, 49 YDS

M. Willis - 1 REC, 9 YDS, 1 TD

New England - D. Branch - 8 REC, 50 YDS

R, Gronkowski - 3 REC, 48 YDS, 1 TD


Denver - B. Bunkley - 5 TCKLs, 3 SACKs

C. Bailey - 3 TCKLs, 1 INT

New England - R. Ninkovich - 3 TCKLs, 1 INT

Special Teams:

Denver - B. Colquitt - 4 PUNTs, 205 YDS, 51.2 AVG.

New England - Z. Mesko - 5 PUNTs, 222 YDS, 44.4 AVG.

And now, here are the results of this week's sims.

Sim 1: New England 13, Denver 10, OT

Sim 2: Denver 14, New England 13

Sim 3: Denver 10, New England 7

Sim 4: New England 14, Denver 3

Sim 5 New England 14, Denver 7

Sim average: New England 12.2, Denver 8.8

Much like last week, the averages predict a close low scoring game and New England is expected to win. Here's to hoping the boys in the orange and blue can repeat last week and make the prediction wrong, wrong, wrong! Here we go, divisional round NFL playoff football baby! Bring the noise! GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!

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