RIP 2011/2012 Denver Broncos

We are gathered here and around the world to pay tribute to our Denver Broncos. You provided a mind boggling amount of both exasperating play and thrilling finishes. I will never forget that the season brought very little hope with Kyle Orton at the controls and insane euphoria once Tim Tebow took over. I won't forget the weekly cardiac arrests that my heart was subjected to. And I won't forget that when all was said and done, my Denver Broncos won a playoff game this year after a 1-4 start. I will be forever grateful for that gift after the the brutal last 3 years. I will also never forget the wonderful presence of a true role model like Tim Tebow in the Denver community. It was fun...and maddening...and although it came to a brutal, bloody, messy, embarrassing end tonight, I have much hope for the future. But...

There are many things that need to be changed...or tweaked. Now, I'm no coach. I'm not a former player. I'm not even a Fantasy Football Champion (at least recently). I'm just a guy with a pair of eyes and some thoughts on how I think the Broncos should move forward. I'm sure I will be flamed for some of my views, but oh well. Here goes.

1. Trade Tim Tebow for a pick. With the run that Tebow and the Broncos have made this season, and the recent development of a few top notch QB's returning to school, this won't be the incredible QB draft class that everyone thought it would be. Of course it will still be good...I'm not sure that beyond Luck and RG3 anyone will be real exciting. Miami and Jacksonville, may both be interested in a QB and he would pack the house in each of those cities. I love Tim but I don't think that he would be able to do more than what he has done without a stellar D. I would prefer a QB that could consistently throw the ball. Our offense is brutal when Tebow and the option aren't working. And Fox will never be comfortable having Tebow throw more than run. we need a QB or 3...

2. Pick up Peyton Manning by trade (his option might not be picked up) or Matt Flynn as a free agent. Manning is super expensive...getting old...and coming off that neck injury, but if he is healthy, I could live with him for 3 or 4 years. Matt Flynn looked pretty darn good and is young. Someone is going to get Matt Flynn...why not us? Aside from those two...not much else to go after. Regarless, we need to pick up a couple of QB's to round out the roster. Not sure how Adam Weber fares...maybe he becomes the backup?

3. Dump Goodman. I don't need to explain this do I?

4. Dump Joe Mays. I see him miss sooo many tackles.

5. Draft DT, MLB, Safety, CB, WR, TE, RB...not necessarily in that order. As evidenced by the games in which we played top notch QB's, we can't keep up...we NEED to focus and upgrade our D.

6. With DT, Eric Decker, Matt Willis, Eddie Royal, we have at least a serviceable WR corp. We don't know how good they can really be because we don't have a QB that can consistently get the ball to them. I am not down on Royal...he was good until we got Orton and Tebow throwing the ball to him. But maybe we pick up another WR in free agency to spur competition.

7. McGahee was solid for us this year. Moreno could be a solid change of pace back. Ball was serviceable. Maybe we pick up another RB in the draft or free agency but this is certainly not our most pressing need and we shouldn't waste a 1st or 2nd round pick on a RB.

8. Fells, Rosario, Virgil Green, Julias Thomas...if there was one offensive position that we use an early round draft pick on I think this would be it. But not a first unless we get a Gronkowski or Hernandez type of talent. No more blocking TE's for the love of god.

9. Brian Dawkins. Man...what a warrior. Who knows if he comes back for another year. Will his neck hold up? If he doesn't, we are in trouble. Does anyone feel comfortable with Bruton, Rahim Moore, or Quenton Carter playing back there? Maybe we pick up a Safety in free agency as well.

Those are my initial thoughts. Again, I know that I may be flamed by my suggestion of trading Tebow, but know this...I'm not a Tebow hater. I'm a Broncos fan that enjoyed the ride and just wants to have my team do better. Maybe we can win 9 or 10 games next year with Tebow...maybe we won't be able to. Right now I wouldn't bet on it. The book seems to be out on him, as one of the worst defenses in the NFL just shut him down. We are sooo one dimensional. And if he doesn't improve his passing significantly, we could be in for a long season next year.

Regardless...I'm already missing my Denver Broncos and I can't wait for Free Agency, Draft Day, Training Camp, and the Season Opener.

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