Let the Offseason begin.

Now that meaningfull Bronco football is done, it's time for us mock drafters and Arm chair GM's to do our thing. This team still has alot of holes, i'll give a preview of what our beloved Denver Broncos might do.



Obviously John Fox is safe, he did a good job this year. Team lacked alot of talent and was young, but we made it to the divisional round of the playoffs. So he'll be back.

Dennis Allen has gotten some interest from teams this offseason, but ultimately it looks like he'll be back. He had a pretty good rookie campaign as a DC. Hope we improves and adds some new wrinkles to his D.

Now here is where things get interesting, Mike McCoy. I want him gone, but at the same time, i think it would be good to keep him around. Tebow obviously has a great relationship with him, and that's important. Yes his play-calling sucks, and i wouldnt complain one bit if this guy was let go, but i can understand if we kept him.



Tim Tebow locked himself in as the starter throughout the offseason and 2012 season, but he'll be the only QB on the roster. So EFX will add some players. I expect them to draft a QB, but i wouldnt expect them to draft one before round 4 at the earliest. They will add a Vet though some guys to keep an eye on are...

Jason Campbell would be a nice backup, Henne and Quinn would be decent options aswell. Dixon and Johnson are both faster QB's who could also try to run the Tebow offense, but wouldnt be as effective obviously

Some Rookie who we could talk a look at

  • Russell Wilson
  • Ryan Lindley
  • Brock Osweiler
  • Kellen Moore

I'd love Russell Wilson, guy has tons of talent, just is short. Osweiler is an intriguing option. I'd give Moore a look late in the draft or as a UDFA if we would. So i expect competition to be added, but mostly for depth. Looks like we'll be all in on Tebow in 2012

Running Backs


Willis McGahee is probably our team MVP this year. The guy was solid and rejuvenated his career here in Denver, but he'll turn 31 soon. We have Knowshon Moreno, who i think is made of glass. I'm not giving up on the guy, but we need to look to upgrade this position. Our running game is going to be the main key to our offense. So upgrading it should be high on our list this year. Some Free Agent options who we should look at...

Just a note, i doubt the last two, Forte and Rice make the open market. I'd love to bring back Hillis to Denver. He would fit right in this Fox Offense, and he can be a reliable WR out of the backfield. I'd love Lynch but we will cost some money. Michael Bush would be awesome, but does Oakland let him with DMC constantly hurt?

There's alot of guys i'd love the Broncos to draft in the 2012 draft at the RB position

  • Trent Richardson
  • Lamar Miller
  • David Wilson
  • Chris Polk
  • LaMichael James
  • Doug Martin
  • Isaiah Pead
  • Cyrus Gray

I'm a firm believer that the Broncos draft at least 1 RB possibly 2 if they don't add a guy Via Free Agency. Trent Richardson isnt an option for us, he'll be a top 10-15 pick. I'd LOVE if we took Lamar Miller in the first, love the guy's potential. Polk and Wilson will be there in the 2nd round, but probably gone before we pick, Doug Martin is an intriguing option, LaMichael James would fit in our offense well i think. Gray and Pead would be a nice round 3-4 option.

The thing i really want them to do is just add some explosiveness to our backfield. Fox has always had a 2 back system, one fast guy and a grinder. We have a grinder in McGahee, we just lack speed. Miller, Wilson, James and Martin all fit that.



Thomas really broke out the last part of the season. Decker started out strong, but really struggled down the stretch. Eddie Royal has a moment once in awhile, but was rather invisible all season. We need to add another weapon or two here to help tebow out.

Here's some Free Agent WR's we might look at

Pretty solid group. If we could get Vincent Jackson i'd do a backflip. Would be Tebow's bestfriend and give him another deep option and a huge Target. DeSean Jackson has questionable character but man he's explosive. I doubt the Chiefs let Bowe go. Reggie Wayne would be a solid addition, but i doubt he would want to come to Denver with a run first offense.

If i was Elway, id go hard after Vincent Jackson

The draft has some decent guys in the draft i'd like the broncos to target too

  • Kendall Wright
  • Mohamed Sanu
  • Ashlon Jeffrey
  • Nick Toon
  • Dwight Jones
  • Tommy Streeter
  • Marvin McNutt
  • Ryan Broyles
  • Joe Adams
  • Jarius Wright

I'm a huge Kendall Wright fan, if he's available at 25, i'd be happy if we took him. Same with Ashlon Jeffrey. Nick Toon and Dwight Jones would both be nice 2nd round picks. I really like Streeters potential. Joe Adams and Jarius Wright are both really fast and would add some explosion to our offense



Daniel Fells made some nice plays this season. Virgil was a great blocker, and Thomas was inactive. Thomas has great potential, but who knows what to expect from him next year. McCoy needs to use the Tightends more in the offense, would benefit Tebow more, look what New England Tightends did to us. I doubt we upgrade the Position much this season but here's some Free Agents to keep an eye on.

Finely obviously is the top prize, but with the Tightends mostly used as blockers, i dont expect EFX to spend top money on Finely or Davis. Carlson a former 1st rounder is more of a traditional Fox TE. Can block and receive.

Offensive Line


It was a mixed bag for me for the O-Line. They run blocked great, but pass blocking was in-consistent i think. Tebow's scrambling lead to some more sacks, but also helped get out of some. They're a young group so i think they'll stick with them. We do need some depth though, and maybe some competition at Center.

Some Free Agents i could see us target

I really have no clue who EFX would target as some depth at the OL. But depth is needed

Guys to keep an eye on in the draft

  • Nate Potter
  • Levy Adcock
  • Markus Zusevics
  • Mitchell Schwartz
  • Kevin Zeitler
  • Ryan Miller

Just a few guys who would compete and add some much needed depth. I'd say OL is probably the least of our worries this offseason.

Defensive Ends


We have Elvis and Ayers. Dumervil is a great pass rusher who lacks in the run game, and we have Ayers who is a good run stopper, but lacks in the pass rush. We also see Von Miller as a DE on passing downs. We're going to need to add some depth here, Hunter is a Free Agent, and i think EFX will try to add some competition for Ayers. We need to generate a pass rush and outside of Dumervil and Von we have no one else, and we can't always use Von as a edge rusher, he's a linebacker in a 4-3, he will need to go back in coverage and play the run too. So i think adding another pass rusher could be in EFX's plans

Free Agents

I think Mathis will hit the open market, and if he does id love to add him. have Doom and Mathis on the edges, which would allow us to move Von around and use him as a Linebacker. If we're constantly going to use him as an edge rusher, let's just use a 3-4 D. Avril is another guy who would be a nice addition. Abraham has been around for ever it seems, but could be a solid veteran addition.

  • Nick Perry
  • Whitney Mercilus
  • Chandler Jones
  • Andre Branch
  • Vinny Curry
  • Cam Johnson

I'd love to add Branch, Curry or Chandler Jones in the 2nd if we could. I'm not a huge fan of Mercilus, i think he'll be a bust. Cam Johnson is mid round guy i'd like to add too.

Defensive Tackles:


Our DT's played pretty well this season i think. We NEED to resign Bunkley, i'd like Thomas back too. We still have Ty Warren under contract, but who knows what to expect from him. I'd love to add some more depth or a draft pick or 2 in the mix too.

Free Agents

Not a great group. Campbell won't leave Arizona, Jones is injury prone, Franklin was on the open market last year and we didnt get him. Soliai is an option i liked last year. Shaun Rogers is old, but could be a decent rotational guy. Red Bryant is a nice rotational guy too.

  • Devon Still
  • Fletcher Cox
  • Jerel Worthy
  • Dontari Poe
  • Michael Brockers
  • Brandon Thompson
  • Josh Chapman
  • Kawaan Short
  • Marcus Forston
  • Derek Wolfe

Pretty decent group i think. Still is the best of the group and would be a solid 1st round pick for us. I don't know much about Cox right now, Worthy is an option in the 1st-2nd round. Poe is a guy i really like, Huge and athletic. Brockers is a guy who will rise up the charts quickly i think, he's my favorite DT in this class right now, but i doubt he's around for our pick. Chapman is a guy i'd like to add in the 2nd-3rd round. Wolfe is a late round guy who is a great pass rusher, could be a steal for someone.



Von is a stud. He needs to get better in the run game and used more properly i think. Teams took advantage of us just using him on the edge and running on his side alot. Needs to get better in the run game, and better in coverage, but that will all come in time. He had a great rookie campaign. DJ had a solid year, but was inconstant as always, had some great hits and great plays, but had lots of missed tackles, games where he was invisible and still sucks in coverage.

Joe Mays get a paragraph all to himself, and usually that's a good thing, but this time, it isnt. He was the weak link in our front 7. Whiffed many tackles, is terrible in coverage(did anyone see us put him on Gronk last night?!) He's a great special teamer, but shouldnt be starting. He's a poor fit in Fox's 4-3 D. He's a Free Agent and probably won't be back.

Nate Irving needs a solid offseason. The often forgotten about third round pick will hopefully step up and start in 2012. I hope the Broncos bring back team captain Wesley Woodyard. Love the guys energy and wish we started him more.

Free Agents:

Not a great group. Loften and Tulloch will be resigned by there current teams. I could see Connor being added, Jackson would be a solid signing. London Fletcher is old, but still great and a tackling machine. Hawthorne and McIntosh would be solid depth signings.

  • Zach Brown
  • Ronnell Lewis
  • Bruce Irvin
  • Keenan Robinson
  • Luke Kuechly
  • Donta Hightower
  • Vontaze Burfict
  • Audie Cole

A strong group i think. Zach Brown is one of my favorite prospects in this draft. Reminds me alot of Von, but a more well rounded linebacker. Lewis is another guy i like. Kuechly is going to be a stud, probably will be gone before we pick. Im starting to like Hightower alot, not sure he fits a 4-3 though. Burfict i want no part of, and Cole is a guy i like alot too, but idk if he would be a good fit.



Champ had another champ year. Not tested much, and when he was tested, did a good job. Andre Goodman had a few big INT's this year, but the bad plays greatly out weighed the good ones. Chris Harris an Undrafted rookie had a solid year for a young guy. We need to upgrade the position though

Free Agents:

A very deep free agent class. I'd love to get Finnegan, tough, crazy guy who is a douche, but i'd love him on my team. Rogers, Carr, Mathis, Ross, and Trufant would be some cheaper but solid additions too

  • Alfonzo Dennard
  • Chase Minnifield
  • Jayron Hosely
  • Stephon Gilmore
  • Trumaine Johnson
  • Brandon Boykin
  • Casey Heyward
  • Shaun Prater

Obviously i didnt put the top 2 on the list because they both will be gone by the time we pick. Dennard is a guy i really like. Minnifield is another option. Johnson and boykin would be a interesting option in the mid rounds too.



Our safety position is the weakest link on this team. Carter earned a starting spot next year. He can play Free Safety and also as a in the box safety. Dawkins will retire, and who knows what we will get from Moore. Wasnt a fan of the pick in the first place, and he really stunk it up this year. Hopefully he comes back strong next year. We still need to address the safety position this offseason

Free Agents:

Okay i have to say it. GO GET LARON LANDRY!. I don't care the price, get the guy. He's an elite safety and will instantly upgrade our defense, and we'll have someone who can cover a Tightend. If we miss out on him, Goldson would be another guy i'd like. Had a great game against the saints yesterday/ Branch and Griffen would also be nice options.

  • Markelle Martin
  • Aaron Henry
  • Robert Lester
  • George Lloka
  • Mark Barron
  • Antonio Allen
  • Harrison Smith

Outside of Barron, no one on this list sticks out to me. I'd rather not draft another safety, we have 2 young guys already. Sign someone with experience, or go big and get Landry

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