Excited to move foward

Well, Not many of us would have predicted this season. And after the awful start, only those still drunk on the kool-aid would still hold out any hope we would be better than last year. I am very thankful for the run this team put together and think that we are way ahead of schedule on our rebuilding project than most of us thought we would be by this time but we still have quite a ways to go. As I reflect on what went right and wrong this season, here are my thoughts on what’s next. In no particular order:

1. We have to find a backup QB who can run this offense if (and I suggest we do) keep with Tebow. You cannot expect the offense to change if something happens to Tim and be successful.

2. We have to find some OL that can pass block more efficiently. This may take practice or new personnel I am not sure. But when we HAVE to pass it is horrible.

3. We have got to get some pressure up the middle from our DL not just blitzes. That is what has killed us and I think we should look at the tape of how teams do that and steal their ideas.

4. In my opinion, the weakest point on the team is our linebackers in pass coverage. We have got to get an MLB that can play with some speed and tackle. Mays can blow people up but he guesses wrong on plays 75% of the time and cannot move into coverage.

5. Going with #1 is we need to use the TE position. We were down by 30 last night and were running with 2 TE in the game and neither one went out for a pass which left us with only 2 receivers in the patter for Tebow to hit. Hard to be successful if you are limiting your own weapons.

6. We need a new #2 corner. Sure he made a few plays here and there but he cannot tackle and definitely is a weak link. Safety play has to improve as well and I think it will. Not sure what happened to Moore, hopefully a full offseason will improve the play.

7. The coaches need to do a better job of play calling. We have to tools to really mess with the other team’s head and we choose to run run QB draw. Show some confidence in your team and get after teams. Yes we are going to be a running team, I get that but wow on 3rd and 8 every time Really? Use these tools to the max not the minimum. Also need to look at how to use RB out of the backfield and especially as #5 says, use the TE’s correctly not just as tackle eligible players.

This team can take another good jump up even if it is not reflected in the win-loss record by getting a quality MLB and a 2nd corner and a big pocket pushing DT. We do need some depth all across this team whether that comes from the starters moving their and getting better players or drafting/FA pickups that supplant current players. We sure could use a #3 receiver with some speed and hands. I also think we are still looking for that good return guy. We need 2-3 guys in FA that turn out nearly as productive as McGehee.

Overall, I am still excited to be a Bronco fan and have much more hope going into this offseason than last. Postives like picking up #23 and finding a diamond in the rough like #25 have me thinking we can do it again. We cannot afford anymore #26’s or #56’s if this team is to move forward again next year because everyone is trying to get better not just us.

GO Broncos

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