Random Rants and Rewards - Divisional Round

Well, looks like my rants have come to an end for this season. I would love to be able to vent again next week but a 45-10 drubbing put a quick stop to that. Geez, what happened? I was FULLY confident that we would upset the world and pull away with a win. And then poof, it's all gone. What a terrible time to play your worst all around game of the season. Defense couldn't play defense and offense was offensive.

Keep Your Hands Out the Cookie Jar

Why are teams coming out of the woodwork to interview McCoy and Allen? There are 31 other teams out there with more proven coordinators. Why are you not looking to them first? I can understand Allen's name being hot, but our defense was still ranked 20th in total defense. Not exactly a resume builder. Pittsburgh was the number 1 defense and I haven't heard once that the coordinator is getting any interviews. Allen's only had 1 year as a coordinator. What makes him a prime candidate for a head coaching position? McCoy, you can have him if you want but I wouldn't mind having him back. Only reason I want McCoy back is for continuity. That helps with any team. I'm happy for their opportunities and would be happy for them if they did end up being head coaches, but I just don't understand why Denver is a hotbed for head coaching talent. It's like searching a flea market for your wife's wedding ring.

Offensive Offense

Yuck...I just threw up a little in my mouth. That was a poor example of an offense that our team put out there on the field. Was it the spotlight of the playoffs against the number 1 seed that got in these "kids" heads? Mainly looking at the QB and the "offensive" line. Like always, receivers were dropping easy passes, but that's already a mutilated dead horse around here. Let me start with Tebow. Really disappointing watching him not be able to find the open man. Several times there were receivers wide open and uncovered and Tebow just didn't get it there. That's something he really needs to work on. Brady on the other hand, can compute who will be open within the first 3 steps of his drop by just watching how the defenders move. The good thing is, this comes with repetition. So I attribute this problem to being a young QB. No doubt in my mind this kid will work extremely hard during the off season. I'm actually really excited for 2 years from now.

The blocking on the other hand. WTF! Patriots were getting in the backfield faster than Tebow. Doesn't help that we call a run on first down 40 out 36 possessions. The 4th quarter was just embarrassing when we kept losing 2-3 yards on first down because the defense was at the point of attack on the snap. The QB had no chance and you could see it in his reactions. I believe it was more frustration than him being pissed off at his line.(I just don't get that Cutler vibe from him) Again, I will attribute this performance on youth. I'm glad they went through this and were able to experience the playoff hype. This will only help them in the future.

Make Up Your Mind

When the Broncos were winning games and making this season memorable, the haters would not give Tebow any credit for the wins. Defense was the "real" reason for the turnaround. The kicker was making 59 yard field goals to win games. Like it was amazing that Prater hit a field goal. That's what he's paid to do! Are we only supposed to expect kickers to hit extra points? Now that the Broncos lost, the focus is back on the QB. "He played terrible" and and we're right back to seeing articles questioning if Tebow is the QB in 2012. Ridiculous! Our defense was horrendous and gave up 45 points and no one wants to mention that in the MSM. Tebow wins it's everyone else's doing. Tebow loses, he's the only one on the team and the FO should look to trade him. Quentin Carter was the only person that showed up to play. Too bad he got hurt and had to stop playing. Note to Dennis Allen, a 3 man rush is a free play to Brady. Might as well just line up your players offsides and have all the receivers run a go route.

People are complaining that Tebow's not to the standard of Brees and Rodgers. Both of whom are "watching" the playoffs. Some fans desire Eli Manning's command of the aerial assault going down in NY. The fact that is always overlooked is Tebow just finished his 16 game as a starting QB! Want to know how Eli did in his 16th start? He lost the game and completed just 47% of his passes and threw 4 INTs and a 39.5 QBR. Hmmmm....Keep perspective that this kid is basically a rookie with HUGE upside. I'd advise haters to keep their claims to themselves because the ones that have come out, have all looked like baffoons for their premature "analysis".

Belichick a Supporter?

I'm sure a lot of you out there noticed that the Patriots took their foot off the pedal in the second half. Brady was primed to hold the record all to himself and usually Bill will give his players that notoriety. He did it with Gronkowski during the regular season just to get the record for TE's. Can't say he didn't want to get his players injured when Brady played the whole game. It was blatantly obvious that Belichick didn't want to run up the score. This is the same Bill that runs up scores and tells the media afterward, "I don't care". Living in RI, I've seen plenty of Patriot games. More than I'd like to in a lifetime. He is not one to care about the other team's feelings. That's why I bring this up. Why did he slow down? Does he respect John Fox that much? Even though he's shown to always go for the jugular. Or does he respect Tebow so much he didn't want to damage this young QB's psyche from an even bigger beat down. I heard plenty of rumors that the Patriots were actually targeting Tebow in the draft. And it's not too far fetched to believe Bill is a fan of the young QB. He may coach a different team, but that doesn't stop someone from being a fan. We'll never really know but I know one thing. Bill didn't want to run up the score.

Little Quick Slants

  • Demaryius Thomas came up with another solid game. Given he was the only real WR option on the field, it's a credit that he was so productive. Loving the draft pick every week he stays healthy!
  • When did we get Ryan Harris back? I saw his name pop up a couple times the last several weeks. I never saw any notice that he had resigned with the team after being placed on IR in Philadelphia.

Fair or unfair, no matter who ends up being the Super Bowl champs, this season will always be tied to the Denver Broncos and the start of the Tebow era! Sure glad I'm a Bronco fan. Go Broncos!

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