Skottys Mock Draft 4.0


Broncos season is over, the 2012 draft field is set. So that means, mock season is in full effect. The draft is 3 months lets get things started

1st Round: Lamar Miller RB Miami 5'11 215lbs Miller2_medium

I'm not budging from this. Broncos need runners, and Miller would be a great addition to our backfield. Fox has already stated he doesnt want McGahee carrying the load next year, which to me indicated they're looking for someone else. Miller should be available here and if he is i wouldnt be shocked if Fox snagged him.

The Broncos indicated they're moving forward with Tebow today, so i expect the offense to still be a run heavy offense. Which is another indicator to me that a RB or 2 could be added this april.

Watch these highlights, this guys burst and speed is great. He runs with 1 speed, and gets there quick. Straight ahead runner with good vision and moves.
Other options: Dontari Poe, Fletcher Cox, Alshon Jeffrey, Kendall Wright, Jerel Worthy, Mark Barron, Zach Brown

2nd Round: Stephon Gilmore CB, South Carolina. 6'1 190lbs Stephongilmore2-420x265_medium

Our defense needs some youth at the corner position. Gilmore is a big guy who could step right in and start or at least contribute from day 1. Has the size to cover the bigger guys and TE's .


Man Coverage: Plays mostly in press-bail or off-coverage. Flashes a tough, aggressive punch after the snap in rare press coverage occasions, but may not have the strength to knock NFL receivers off their routes. Not elite transitioning forward from backpedal, will take an extra step or loop a bit when closing on slants. Lacks elite recovery and straight-line speed to stay with faster wideouts down the field if beaten on a double move or losing a step off the line.

Zone Coverage: Fits best in a zone system like he currently plays. Knows his, and others', assignments on every play. Comes out initial read quickly to stop the underneath route dead. Quick feet in off coverage to adjust to inside routes, even when playing outside technique. Explodes to plays in front of him, cutting down his target or wrapping up if able to line up the receiver. Forces turnovers and dropped passes with his ability to arrive strong at the receiver with the ball.

Ball Skills: Makes quarterbacks pay for poor throws with centerfielder-like instincts and hands. Uses his height in full advantage on jump balls, make difficult catches with his hands extended away from his frame. Excellent elusiveness after the catch that shows as a punt returner. Has solid hands and typically makes the right decision to fair catch, but does not have breakaway speed and will dance or move east-west instead of heading straight upfield.

Run Support: Takes run support very seriously, seeking out contact. Chops down runs to his side when able, evades most receivers blocks with quickness and quick hands -- though NFL receivers will have regular success holding him up on the outside because of his slight build.

Tackling: Aggressive hitter in the secondary who plays without regard to his own safety. Best when coming downhill and cutting down ballcarriers with a low shoulder. Constantly looking to strip the football from ballcarriers while other defenders are making the tackle. Man-up tackling is a challenge for him, however, when facing a strong runner who lowers his pads or larger receivers with the length to stiff-arm him. Plays on coverage units. Brought on edge blitzes regularly when front four isn't getting there, uses quickness and big hits to create turnovers from the blind side.

Intangibles: Quiet, hard-working player who consistently gets praises from coaches and teammates about his work ethic and attitude. Puts in time in the film room, knows his opponents and defensive scheme inside and out. No worries about on-field effort, brings tenacious attitude on every play.

Other options: LaMichael James, Dwight Jones, Nick Toon, Ben Jones, Vinny Curry, Chris Polk,

3rd Round Pick: Isaiah Pead RB Cincinnati 5'10 200lbs Louisville_v_cincinnati_ili01p0dzxql_medium

Another running back? Yup. This way we have McGahee, Miller and Pead. Miller and McGahee can carry the load, while pead is the 3rd down, passing situations guy. Really like him, he's fast, quick, shifty, experience running the zone read, and a reliable WR. Also he can contribute as a returner.

Inside: North-south runner with quick feet to feel his way through creases. Makes small, quick cuts through creases and side-steps defenders in or past the hole to find room to get into his stride. Does not run over defenders often, but keeps legs moving near the goal line to make his way in. Holds the ball low at times, but has generally good ball security (no fumbles in 2009, two in 2010). Does not always show a burst in the box, anticipates contact. Quick draws make him run with shoulders not square to the line.


Outside: Excellent straight-line speed makes him a legitimate breakaway threat anytime he finds open field. Lowers his pads to create contact at the second level when seeing defenders coming straight-on. Usually switches the ball to his outside hand when cutting to his left side. Inconsistent power in his cuts, stops on a dime at times to allow defenders to run him by but will round on stretch plays or take a couple of steps to change directions.

Breaking tackles: Flashes the ability to keep his balance through arm tackles inside and run through high tackle attempts. Spins off tackles to free himself or at least extend for two extra yards. Good one-on-one stiff-arm and swipes away oncoming defenders with his off-arm. Gets tripped up too easily on first contact at times.

Blocking: Gives effort as a pass protector, could stay on the field on third downs in the NFL. Punches and extends when helping tackles double on the edge. Stands up against defenders attacking the pocket, usually effective cutting them down, and lays out to reach those coming from other side of formation. Lacks great strength, will be ripped off, but tries to get back into the play.

Receiving: Flashes quick feet and shimmy to leave linebackers in the dust as a route-runner. Threat to cut to either side or run down the seam when leaving the backfield. Fair hands, grabs screen passes in traffic and can extend to snare wide throws. Secures catch before trying to move upfield.

Intangibles: Plays with a chip on his shoulder. Limited by left knee injury for parts of two games early in 2010, rallied his teammates on the sidelines. Ohio 400 meter champion as a senior in high school.

4th Round: Jarius Wright WR Arkansas, 5'10 180lbs Jarius-wright_medium

This guy has speed. Our offense is lacking speed, would give Tebow a nice weapon.

5th Round: Josh Kaddu OLB Oregon 6'3 236lbs 610x_medium

Athletic linebacker who would add some nice depth to our linebacking corp.

5th Round: Derek Wolfe DT Cincinnati 6'5 300lbs


Guy has a crazy motor and is an excellent pass rusher. Would be a nice grab at this point in the draft

6th Round: Darron Thomas QB, Oregon 6'3 215lbs Darron_thomas3_medium

Would be a nice developmental guy, has a comparable skill set to Tebow, so the offense wouldnt have to change much.

7th round: BPA
way to early for me to mock any of these guys to us

This draft is offense heavy, i think we'll address the defense via Free Agency. Resign Bunk and Thomas, or get a vet to replace thomas. A veteran ILB, and safety. Possibly go after a veteran CB too. We need to surround Tebow with some weapons and i think this draft would do that.

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