A Balanced mock

The Broncos have many needs and can't fill them all in this draft . They will also have to go with the best player available and try to fill their needs when they are on the clock . The positions of need are D Tackle, Running Back, Corner Back , O Line, Safety and Wide Receiver . Some of these needs will be addressed in Free Agency and afterwards we all will have a better sense of where EFX will be going in the draft.

As I see the value of the first round at the 25 pick with the needs taken into consideration it's at D Tackle position .There will be three to four available at the bottom of round one and the top of round two.

Round One Fletcher Cox Junior Defensive Tackle out of Mississippi Sate . Cox was named defensive lineman of the week four times this year in the SEC . He is 6'4'' 295 pounds with a 4.96 forty time . He has the frame to add 10 to 15 pounds with no problem , he has long arms and can play the 3 or 5 tech . He would look great in Orange and Blue collapsing the pocket .

Round Two Chris Polk Running Back out of Washington . Polk had the misfortune of playing behind a bad offensive line this year . He is 5'11'' 222 pounds with a 4.48 forty

Round Three Trumaine Johnson Corner Back out of Montana . Johnson has the size to matchup against the big receivers in the AFC west . He is 6'2'' 204 pounds with a 4.52 forty

Round Four Ryan Broyles out of Oklahoma . Broyles set the Big 12 record for receptions in his career .Broyles is also a good return man on kickoffs and punts . If it had not been for his Knee injury he would have been a late first early second round pick and will be a steal in the fourth . He is 5'10'' 188 pounds with a4.52 forty

Round Five (first) Nicolas Jean Baptiste out of Baylor . Baptiste is a big strong tackle to plug the middle and stop the run . He is 6'2'' 335 pounds with a 5.06 forty .

(second) James Brooks Offensive Guard out of Iowa . Depth is needed on the O Line

Brooks is 6'2'' 308 pounds with a 5.05 forty .

Round Six the Broncos don't have a pick because of the Joe Mays trade .

Round Seven Darrell Scott Running Back out of South Florida . Scott is a big back that could also fill the need at Full Back . He is 6'1'' 240 pounds with a 4.48 forty .

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