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This is taken out of Les Carpenters Column on Yahoo titled..."Elway Grudgingly sticking with Tebow in 2012"

Elway has always seemed to want a quarterback who is more like him: "Kyle Orton gives us our best chance at a win"

someone tall is tall? "6'6"? Ben R is 6'5, Brady is 6'4, Rodgers is 6'2, Brees is 6'0. I think Tebow is good at 6'3

someone robust (Because Tebow doesnt know how to play with pain? Is he insinuating that Tebow doesnt work out enough? WTF is Robust? I thought that was a description for Coffee. Is there a new drink at Starbucks? A light Tebowchiado? No Tall, no flavour and weak.....

someone who throws rocket spirals deep downfield and can drive his teams to instant touchdowns. (Which Seemingly flies in the face of what a Fox inspired offense is all about.

Tebow is, of course, not like Elway. He’s too quick to drop his head and plow forward like a running back. (Slide Timmy Slide)

His touchdown drives often take several minutes – glacial in this NFL of booming offense. (Again, is Fox coaching or Elway?)

<One thing that seems clear about Elway is that he has a hard time cloaking the truth in a veil of lies or disinformation. He saw glimmers of improvement in Tebow, he said, but it was clear that he is not sure those glimmers are enough. He talked about the Broncos’ first-round playoff victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers and how Tebow showed with his game-winning touchdown pass that he could make the perfect, pressure pass that all great quarterbacks have to make.

But, Elway quickly added: “the great quarterbacks do it consistently.”

Then Elway brought up Tom Brady, the New England Patriots’ quarterback who led the trampling of Denver last Saturday with six touchdown passes. “We saw that from the other side and No. 12,” Elway said.

The problem is Elway wonders if Tebow’s style can get him to the level of Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger or any quarterback who has won a Super Bowl. And as long as that doubt exists, Tebow won’t be the long-term future in Denver.>

OK. So it is Sacrilegious to compare Tebows first year stats to Elways, but elway can compare Tim to Brady who has 11 years experience, Ben R who has 7 years and Aaron Rodgers who has 6? (Notice I didnt try to spell Rothelisburger?lol)

Look, I no longer get all hacked about shit I read. I know this is a yahoo writer trying to get hits and its easy to take someones comments out of context. The problem is, its not THAT far out of context. Does Elways know that showing some verbal support does not contractually obligate him or the team? I know he is the EVP of Operations and not a cheerleader but I cant remember hearing such non-ringing endorsements from anyone else on any other team, unless it was a player who has caused a lot of trouble and was either out or soon to be.

Yes, Tim is a big boy now and should be able to take it. He probably doesnt have near the issue some of the fans, including me, do. And historically Tebow usually uses that negativity to prove people wrong. And I may be writing this about Tebow but that extends to ANY player currently on this team. Elway has to realize that he is more than the EVPofFO, he is also John Elway and if he insists on being interviewed, he should show a little more support for his players. No make that a LOT more. Either trade them or get behind them.

Just MHO.

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