QB Free Agents Broncos Should Consider

The draft is a great way to build your team in the long run. But as we are all aware, the Broncos have a lot of issues with depth and uneven talent. Free agency will be critical this off-season. We don't have enough draft choices this year to fill all our holes. So without further adieu, who should the Broncos consider going into the free agency period? Here are some of my thoughts, beginning with the Quarterback position.

The pickings are slim at the QB position for the most part. However there are a few veteran QB's that I believe should be on EFX's radar:

Dennis Dixon

Dixon is currently a Steeler. He came out of Oregon, s an option QB with decent if not great passing stats and excellent speed and running skills. He would appear to be a good fit for the Denver offense as it is currently formulated and would make a good back-up to Tebow. At 6'4" he is taller than Tebow and a faster runner, if less sturdy. He has experience in a system that emphasizes the long ball. By all accounts his arm strength has improved since college. There's a good chance that the Steelers will not re-sign him. The FO should definitely take a long look at him. The other QB prospects available would not fit our current offense as well.

Vince Young

Yes, I know he's been a head case at times, and Philadelphia may keep him, but if they aren't interested, he would also be a good back-up who would push Tebow. Young wants to start in this league. No offense suits him better than ours and his passing skills are probably better than Tebow's though his game management and judgment may not be. Nonetheless he has had one 400 yard passing game and one thing he shares with Tebow is that Merill Hoge hates him. Not an ideal choice but he has had experience with good QB coaches in the Eagles system. An incentive based contract would seem do-able.

David Garrard

In many ways he is similar to Tebow, though older and prone to injury. Nonetheless he has been a starter in this league, can run the ball, and is a more accurate passer than Tebow at this stage of his career. He might be willing to take a second seat to Tebow while getting his body back into shape, and there is no doubt he could fill in as a competent back-up should Tebow go down with an injury for several games. Not my first choice, but probably the safest choice of the three I've listed.

Other QB free agents who might deserve having their tires kicked include the following (assuming they are not re-signed by their current teams):

Jason Campbell

Josh Johnson

Donovan McNabb*

Jake Delhomme*

J. P. Losman*

* Only as a back-up.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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