The weapons Tebow needs on offense...

So after watching this seaon as a new Broncos fan, Im excited about the future. After watching Tebow's entire career at Florida under Meyer and after seeing his first two seasons in the NFL I have some ideas for building an offense around him that can work in the NFL

I want to start off by saying that as a fan of Tebows, I am still objective in evaluating his ability as a Q.B. He played awful at times this year, his accuracy absoloutley has to improve, and so does his confidence in his ability to throw. Most of the bad Tebow we saw this year was a Q.B. who was restricted to a very conservative play caller, but he may have known what he was doing considering how much the Broncos achieved this year with a brand new Q.B., new coaches, and no offseason. So we should expect much more next season, he has to play like he did in the 4th quarter for the first 3 quarters, and with the confidence of a full offseaon of reps and finally having the support of the whole coaching staff being the starter there should be no excuse for not "pulling the trigger" and he should play with the confidence he did in college.

I am confident that Urban Meyers spread offense could not work as successfully in the NFL as it did in college, the mismatches he created from his teams speed will not be nearly as prominent because everybodys fast in the NFL. But people get this conception that all Florida did was run the option, and Tebow cant be an accurate passer. This just isnt true, Tebow was one of the most effecient passers in college history. He can pass extremely effectively if he has weapons on his team. At Florida Tebow had some great recievers and backs, many are doing well in the NFL now like Riley Cooper, David Nelson, Percy Harvin, Aaron Hernandez just to name a few.

What the Broncos were fielding in the 11-12 season for recievers was sub par to say the best. It doesnt matter how good your Q.B. can throw if he doenst have any recievers that can get open and catch the ball regularly. Most rookie and sophmore Q.B.s in the NFL this year had better recievers and playmakers on their offense than Tebow did. Look how highly drafted Blaine Gabbert was, he had one of the best running backs in the NFL, but probably the worst receviers in the NFL and look at his stats. Tebow was basically a rookie this year, and when you compare him to the rest of the rookie and sophmore Q.B.s in the NFL he actually did quite well. The young Q.B.s that did really well this year like Cam Newton, Andy Dalton both had better offensive weapons to work with than Tebow, same with Christian Ponder and maybe they had better passing completion % but they werent nearly as successful as the Broncos were with Tebow, so there is alot to look forward too.

While the Broncos are lacking elite playmakers on the offense, and definitely need an upgrade at WR there is alot to be optomistic about. Demaryius Thomas proved to us in a few games this year he can be one of the elite and uncoverable recievers in the league, I think we should all be fairly confident he will improve next year in his 3rd season and as he develops chemistry with Tebow in the offseason he could be nasty next year. Eddie Royal is another talented weapon who I thought was really under utilized this year. Given that they had to revamp the offense mid season for Tebow Im sure we can expect him to be used more next season. If Demaryius Thomas can become the big threat that defenses worry about, Eddie Royal will reap the benifits just like he did in his rookie season with all the attention on Brandon Marshall.

Now the 2012 draft is loaded with great recievers, Justin Blackmon, Alshon Jeffery, Michael Floyd, Kendall Wright, there is alot to choose from. Denver needs to get a playmaker wide reciever with thier 1st or 2nd pick. If they can get one more deep threat for Tebow that might be all it takes bust open the Broncos passing game. They might not hurt picking up a stud tight end if they can either in free agency or in the draft. Rosario and Fells had some great catches but just werent consistent enough, now maybe with player development they can become great but that is yet to be seen. I think we all know how deadly a weapon a great tight end can be after playing the Patriots twice this season, Gronkowski and Hernandez especially Gronk bullied through defenses all year and was unstopable.

I think we can all agree that the Broncos are going to always be a run first team with Tebow, and thats fine as long as there is some kind of balance, not 15 passes to 60 running plays. But that said, Magahee was great this year but hes 30 years old. Now I think he can still have another season or two like this year, but hes gonna have to share the load with someone else. Knowshown Moreno looked pretty explosive to me before he got hurt and I think he may be able to make a comeback and still be great. But if his injury keeps him from being that explosive player the Bronocs got to pick up somebody else this year. Even if they can just get a good blocking full back that can catch out of the back field that would be and upgrade over Lance Ball, even though he did play well at times.

Broncos will likeley be able to pick up a very fast scat back this year with a low draft pick. The scat back/ slot reciever type player has shown to make immediate impacts on NFL teams lately, guys like Dexter Mccluster, Percy Harvin, Desean Jackson. The fact is if a guy can run under a 4.3 40 yard dash and has shown he can play at the elite college levels, he can probably make an impact somewhere on your team. Tebow is used to playing with guys like this in the spread, there are 3 great guys like this coming out in the draft and can probably be had for lower draft picks, you got Lamicheal James, Chris Rainey, Jeff Demps, and Jaquizz Rodgers. Grab one of these guys to go with what you already have in Eddie Royal as a speedster and the Broncos are gonna start to look a little like the NFL's version of what Tebow had in college.

In conclusion, the Broncos already have a solid foundation with what they have now in Demaryius Thomas, Willis Magahee, Eddie Royal, etc. But I think they need to spend their first pick on an elite deep threat reciever, which one should be available even in the bottom third of the first round. Then I think they need to get a "scat back" which I think they can get at great value in the 2nd and 3rd rounds maybe even later. Invest a good amount of money in finding a solid tight end who is versatile. In todays football tight ends can play 3 different positions, from half back to fullback, and blocker or reciever. They are invaluable. Just a few more weapons in the passing game will open up what they already have, and assuming that Eric Decker improves next season which im assuming he will since he is so young the passing chemistry should be much better next year. The offense is young and I expect players like Rosario, Fells, Willis to all improve and hopefully at least one makes an emergence next year.

We know Tebows best pass is the deep ball, so hes got to have more deep threat recievers, get him that thorugh the draft and free agency and watch what happens.. When that opens things up he is comfortable hitting his speedsters and slot recievers like Eddie Royal with some screens and cross plays. Once they respect the pass, its over with. Tebow, Magahee, Knowshown whoever will just eat up yardage behing that beastly young offensive line who were probably the best run blocking line in the NFL. So it up to that team thats already in place to work their ass off this offseason to develop chemistry on offense, and develop as players since they are still young and have so much growth potential. The coaches and staff have to play their part and put together the most weapns they can for Tebow.

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