Tebow is left-handed!!

Sorry to state the obvious but I'm pretty sure the Broncos organization doesn't actually understand this little reality and what it means. Being left-handed myself, I have always been aware of the right-handed bias of virtually all man-made things. A consequence of right-handers being the large majority and assuming that everything/everyone else is right-handed. So everything man-made is designed for right-handers.

There are very very few man-made things that are actually ambidextrous or neutral ---- including football. And unless the Broncos organization realizes this very quickly -- like this offseason - then Tebow's career in Denver will be over in 2012 - he will be declared a bust - and he will be traded at pennies on the dollar to a team that actually does understand and commit to a left-handed QB - where Tebow will then have a chance to succeed. Let me repeat -- there is ZERO chance that Tebow will succeed on a team that does not understand that he is a left-hander playing in a right-handed-by-default position. The left-handed QB's who have succeeded - Michael Vick, Boomer Esiason, and Steve Young - have only succeeded when their teams rejiggered their offense to take advantage of (and protect) their left-handed QB. Those same QB's were "failures" when they played in a right-handed offense.

Here's what the Broncos will need to do - this offseason - in order to create a "left-handed" team

a)Solve the blindside pass protection. Franklin was never projected as that sort of tackle. He's a run blocking G/T. In a left-handed system, his position is on the left-side of the line (or right guard) - not right tackle. So Broncos will either need to move Clady over to the right side - or draft/FA a high-level pass-protect tackle. The Bengals and 49ers both had to do the same thing. It's ludicrous to believe that left-handed QB's don't need to have their blindside protected. That is what gives a QB confidence to stay in the pocket a little longer - and it also determines the direction in which a QB feels comfortable scrambling out of the pocket. The Broncos "sack rate" (sacks per pass play) is unacceptable -- 11%+ ever since Tebow came in v 6% when a RH Orton was in v 6-7% league average v 6% in 2010 for us v 10% for the two worst offensive lines in the league this year. This isn't a "lack of talent" problem for us so much as it is a "out-of-position" problem. But it's a huge problem. It is no accident that Steve Young's sack rate in Tampa was 11%, his sack rate in SF when he was backing up Montana (ie a team geared for a RH) was 11% and dropped to 6% his first year starting (when Shanahan made LH adjustments). And that's when he started on the road to HOF.

b)Create two-TE schemes or move the TE over to the left of the line. TE is a bailout option for young QB's. But the reason for that is because the TE is on the sight-side -- is always visible to the QB. A TE on the right side for a LH QB is on the blindside. That TE will not be checkdown-bailout option for a LH QB -- because that player is not always visible to the LH QB.

c)Create WR routes that take advantage of a LH throwing line of motion and LH ball spin -- rather than "standard playbook" stuff which is almost guaranteed to be "right-handed". Those are 90 degrees different for a LH from a RH. Fail to do this and you either force an awkwardly tight window for a LH - or you reduce the ability for a QB to lead the WR or you create catching difficulties for the WR.

This isn't rocket science -- but it is something that 99% of right-handers don't even think about. And from what I've seen so far from the Broncos over the last few games, it isn't something that has crossed their mind.

At any rate - I haven't seen any posts or many posters here - who are making a big deal out of this. But I really do believe that this is the source of the frustration over offensive schemes/playcalling or "WR aren't open" or "why aren't we using TE's" or such. There is actually a very real advantage for LH QB's -- because opposing defenses rarely see them and often can be picked apart by the unexpected "little things" of handedness. Same reason LH often have an advantage in other sports. But that is all neutralized if the LH own team doesn't understand the difference. So it seemed worth a post.

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