Backed into the Playoffs??

Ok, well I hope the ones who were on this site last week touting that getting into the Playoffs on a loss to the Chiefs with an Oakland loss was somehow good for the Denver Broncos, I would love to hear your thoughts on how you feel today after backing into the playoffs...feels like the West was given to us, we certainly didn't take it, and that to me is Frustrating. Nothing about the game yesterday made me feel like "man we have a playoff team" (except our Defense....maybe) It was boring, predictable, and downright ugly. Literally looked like two teams being led by Orton....and that sucks!!! The one good thing is Orton didn't do anything that makes me even come close to regretting our decision at 1-4 to go all in with TT

Ok now that I have that off my Chest.....WE ARE AFC WEST CHAMPIONS!!!!! We are hosting a home Playoff game!!!! Whaahooooooo!!!!!! At 1-4 had you told me we would make the Playoffs while finishing 0-3....I would have first checked you into a mental institution, then I would have asked where do I sign up for that!

So did we really "back" into the playoffs.....maybe....or is this the the team that seemingly with nothing to play for (But Andrew Luck) made the improbable team comeback vs Miami (anybody pay attention to their last half of the year), make a run of a string of 6 straight wins, and beat every AFC team on the road (I know I know, while losing to each at home, needs to be fixed!!!)

The West was on the back of those 6 straight wins, getting to 8-5, put us in the position to falter at the end and still make it to the playoffs, nobody else won those games for us, this team won those games with heart and determination, this is heart and determination we need to find again, and find it soon, otherwise it will be a short run in the postseason, but at any rate we are playing NEXT WEEK, and that is awesome!!

Our offense needs to wake up, that starts with our QB, WRs, and McCoy making some radical changes. Right now it feels as if Tebow doesn't have anybody he trusts, the rapport it appeared TT was building with DT and ED seems all but lost . The biggest problem I see in the pass game is we have a bunch of slot receivers that can't get open, and when they do Tebow isn't anticipating it and misses the throws.

The running game is in good shape, the loss of Kuper will hurt, however RH held his own yesterday. McCoy needs to work in the some early playaction short throws and screens to get the passing game going and to keep a great D like the Steelers off balance.

It's the playoffs and as we all know anything can happen, and I for one will be cheering this team like its a PLAYOFF team, not a team that supposedly backed into the Playoffs!!

Go Broncos and God Bless!!!

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