Our New Offensive Coordinator.....

As of this past week and moving forward i am rooting for Norv Turner. Wait!!! Don't stop reading yet, let me explain. This last week was obvious why I would be rooting for Norv Turner, however as far as the future is concerned I am rooting for Norv Turner to become our new offensive coordinator.

Let's face it Norv is done in San Diego regardless of what happened yesterday. We also have to admit that McCoy probably won't be back next year and if he is it will be a huge disappointment to everyone here it seems. Many of the good teams have used the formula I am proposing and that is if you have a defensive minded head coach you get a very good offensive coordinator and visa-versa. The packers have a great offensive head coach in Mcarthy so they went out and got Capers as D.C. The Bears had Lubby and went out and got Martz, the Chargers were at there best when they had Rivera as D.C. and so on. Anyways just think of the idea of Norv Turner running our offense and helping to develop Tebow or a rookie if Tebow keeps up what he has been doing the last 3 weeks. Turner is notorious for developing young qbs and has a very effecient offensive system that matches up with our team. Lets compare our offense to the Chargers in their best years. I do not want to get into production as much as potential.

At RB we would be better fit to utilize Knowshon's strengths ie. catching the ball and playing a little more on the outside. Willis is doing great but he is not the future, but we have seen how Norv can utilize a power back as a backup such as Tolbert and M. Turner. Not to mention we have all be clamoring for lemichael james in the second round and he would be a great complement to the passing game but also if we continue to incorporate the option game.

At FB norv uses power blockers for the most part so Spencer or Sylvester will fit in.

At TE Antonio Gates............Julius Thomas Nuff said.

At WR he usually goes for big recievers such as V-Jack and Floyd and on and on. This bodes very well for Decker and Thomas, Royal may have been on his way out anyways but either he or Willis could easily stick around as a lower reciever and return guy. We can surely find a big reciever in the middle rounds of the draft.

Our O-Line is a great young line that surely needs one more piece to either replace Beadles as a starter or some depth but can work in any offense.

Just think of the pssibilites, A very effecient offense without having to add many more pieces early in the draft to go with a young and upcoming defense that could be amazing if we continue to get good special teams play moving forward it sound like a great formula. here is my rough mock draft just by position.

Round one- M. Dennard CB Nebraska

Round Two- Lemichael James RB Oregon

Round Three- best DL available

Round Four- best OL available

Round Five- best WR and best S

Round Seven- BPA

The only down fall is we could be looking at the last pick in the draft as soon as 2013 but I can live with that. Tell me what you think.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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