Lest we forget, this is a rebuilding team. Compared to where the Broncos were at the bye week this is great. Man I was almost suicidal. How can you bitch too much about this? It will be exciting to see how the offseason plays out. The glass is half full, I hope EFX fills it up some more this offseason. As I Broncos fanatic since '77, I can't wait to see it happen.

Certainly there is immediate need for core players at positions like OG, ILB, SS and RB. If we build that core, we can take the division again and keep on going from there. Let's not sweat the little stuff.

This is my two cents on what should be a lack of controversy at QB and how I'd like EFX to prioritize.

No. 15

As far as QB is concerned and I don't understand the hysteria. We can get a QB the draft next year if Tebow doesn't pan out. It will be exciting to see it plays out. The excitement revitalized everyone without exception inside the organization, on the team, and in Broncos nation - us. It has made each player and staff relevant, engaged and invigorated.

My eyes tell me that Tebow is a force and does have strong intangibles, like a terrific mind-set and attitude. These will overcome the rawness of his abilities to read defenses and throw and will inevitably ripen ripen into a very good QB, even if he matures in one area more than the other. I'm fine that defenses have to compromise themselves to stop the outside runs. Seems to me if your opponent can't rush the outside and have their best linebacker spying, that's an advantage waiting to be exploited a lot. Yeah, Tebow would do himself more justice if he would just dump it over the middle for once, don't tell me he can't, and show even more calm and patience Though he very often did, there were those times where he drifted back in the pocket and didn't protect the ball on plays he could have shut down and lived to fight another down.

We all ragged on Orton even through he could spin the ball, milk the back shoulder throw, and seemed like a nice, enough guy. He was hapless in the pocket under pressure, downright spastic on screens, poopy throwing over the top, easily rattled, lacked competitive fire and couldn't rally his team worth damn. Not to mention he played horribly on the road.

Didn't see any choker in Tebow did you? He really bucked up the team. Good to great in the redzone and in the clutch, no? Loaded up and dropped plenty of memorable bombs. I remember some good screens as well. He generally played like an animal on the road, didn't he. Especially in their division versus RAIDERS, CHARGERS and CHIEFS. How friggin' great was that! I want a quarterback like Tebow to keep beating on those guys!

Where we live in Colorado beating the Raiders is geat one thing you can do to keep your job. Losing those games will get your head handed to you and run out of town, viz. the late and not lamented McDaniels.

Can't take away the fact that Tebow has had a very good games passing, i.e. - Dolphins, Vikings, RAIDERS, Bears, and Steelers.

As for the offseason, its a matter of priorities and I hope they don't dump throw big money at OT, TE, WR, SS or CB. Go hard with the $ on SS, ILB, DT, OG, and RB.

More than anything, we are desperate at safety and ILB, and need to upgrade at DT. We still don't have a dominant pass rush. Mays needs to go back to be primarily special teams and situational run disruptor. I sure as hell hope EFX come up with a top tier a safety in free agency (like Landry), and Fox can convince Dan Connor to come here or just draft a stud like Cole, Burfict, or Hightower. A DT who can cave the middle and create some rushing lanes for the linebackers is a needed upgrade. I'm good with DJ, Woodyard, Bunk and Thomas resigning. Assuming Vick comes back McBean is history - no reason to pay him any FA money. I am not hysterical about CB where we have the great Champ Bailey, the maligned Goodman - who is signed for two more years at okay money, and Harris, as mainstays and maybe Vaughn and Squid as competition/replacements. I would only sweat about CB when and if Bailey departs. Maybe next year's draft.


I think with better coordination and execution and some depth additions the offense can be even better. I was not impressed that McCoy and Adam are any kind of geniuses, so a reset would be fine, we could do better and not much worse. I trust Elway and Fox can tell the real deal from the posers and have lots of peeps to draw on. I would like to see more consistency on the ground and in the air.

To me, we are looking hard for four guys on offense, first a quality veteran guard, second a young bruising back to spell McGahee and take everyone else's carries, a veteran backup QB with a lot of snaps at a low price point. I am not hysterical about WR and TE. I am okay with the guys we have coming back. To me, Broncos are looking for bench strength at WR, and an upgrade for one TE position if the kids don't pan out. We are looking less hard for replacements for Royal and Willis depending on how their FA shakes out and bench strength at WR. I am not hysterical about TE although I'd look to upgrade that if there is value.

Well I've been at this enough. What do you all have to say? What do you think/want to see happen?

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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